Birthday Yarn

I gave myself another break from the yarn fast, really just a continuation of the last break, coming as it did so soon after. But I had such great excuses reasons… it was my Birthday! Plus I had a Buy One Get One Free offer at Savers that was good for that day only. And it was a half-off day at Sal’s too. It was simply meant to be, don’t you think?

I scoured the entire Savers store, so sure I could find two wonderful treasures and take  advantage of the B1G1F deal. We call this a ‘Big If’. In this case it would be a Big deal  If I could just find two items that I wanted! I looked long and hard, yet all I had in my cart was a package of new travel containers for DH’s upcoming trip, 99¢, and ten new coloring books for the foster kids, 69¢ each. The usual Savers Buy 4 Books, Get 1 Book Free deal made them only 55¢ each, which is always nice, but how sad if my Big If freebie turned out to be a 99¢ package of notebook paper!

I went down the store’s side aisle one last time, in case they’d put out some nicer knitted or crocheted blankets. On my way I saw they’d added to the yarn bin. Yay! I nabbed four six-ounce skeins (two bags) of Red Heart Fiesta for $2.99, enough to decorate several ripples! It’s Periwinkle, a particularly pretty shade of blue yarn, with bits of white, deep pink and dark green. I left happy.

After a quick run into WalMart right next door for Emily’s bag of Iams, I headed to Sal’s. Things went much more quickly there. I’d only gotten about ten steps into the store when I Scored!! Look at what I got for $5.00! HaPpY Birthday to Me!!

That’s nearly six pounds of soft cotton and cotton blends. (subtracted two ounces for each cardboard cone) Most are labeled 8/2 weight. I imagine I’ll either weave or crochet with it.

I got more Red Heart yarn.

No, it’s not an exciting color group, but at 50¢ a skein I wasn’t going to turn my nose up at it. When I went to stow it in the attic I realized the Red Heart Soft matches some yarn already in my charity stash! Light Yellow Green may be the name on its label, but I prefer to call it soft sage… I may have enough now for a soft sage Pretty Pineapple!

Nine ounces of this pretty pink and white will perk up two or three ripples. It looks like JoAnns’ Sensations Rainbow Boucle to me. What a fun texture!

All in all, I think it’s a nice birthday haul. Come on, admit it, how many of you have counted thrift store yarn among your birthday treats? lol.

But wait! There’s More! I also found this silicone mold, which I think is for freezing ice sticks to put in water bottles, but I’m going to use it to make flat-sided recycled crayons instead. I wish there had been a couple more… it will only make eight crayons at a time. Oh. Well.

There wasn’t any price sticker on it, but after I got home I saw they’d charged me 29¢.

I do love my Sal’s.

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6 Responses to Birthday Yarn

  1. Kathy says:

    ******HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!********** What more can one ask for and get on their special day?? Lots and lots of yummy yarn! You sure did get quite a few wonderful gifts that will keep on giving 🙂 !!
    I would love to see you do the “Pretty Pineapple” in the pretty green you call sage. I think that would be a perfect color for that pattern. It looks similar to the “Frosty Green” in my Red Heart stash. You really got a gift of four Fiesta for only $2.99. I have seen them for about $5 each if I remember correctly.
    Hope your day was spent with laughter and smiles and may you enjoy may more!!
    Happy Birthday Linda Lou!!!…..Kathy

    • $5.00 for a skein? Really?? Choke. I don’t have any idea of the “real” price of most yarns.
      But I certainly know that 75 cents is fantastic!! 😀

      By George, you’re right on! Knitting Warehouse sells it for $4.59 and says they’re saving you $1.40 at that price!

      Thank you so much for the birthday greetings! I had a fun birthday, actually a fun birthweek… DH and I like to spread our birthday celebrations over several days, surprising each other with little gifts and treats! I have an giftcard yet to spend; perusing a library copy of “The Principles of Knitting”.

      • Kathy says:

        I love me an Amazon Gift Card!! I have given a few of those out lately myself for gifts. This past Christmas was the first year I actually gave my parents gift cards (Amazon of course)…I finally ran out of ideas of what to give to a couple who basically have accumulated everything they needed over 50 years!! They were like kids in a candy shop with the Amazon gift cards. They were in awe that you could basically buy anything plus a kitchen sink!!
        Glad you had a great week. I think everyone should spread their birthday over a few days…why not? Most of the time the other 358 days we really don’t celebrate our life and each day is really a gift……..Enjoy! Kathy
        PS….cake?? What flavor??….lol

      • Now that you mention it, I realize that I didn’t have any birthday cake, but plenty of ice cream, which I prefer anyway. Currently there’s Out of This World Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Cookie Crunch to choose from.

        And I’m Still finding little chocolate treats ‘hidden’ around the house… mini Snickers, peanut M&Ms, Bliss dark chocolate, chocolate-covered Jelly Bellys… but let’s not forget the Utz Cheese Curls… baked, not fried and notice they can spell it Cheese, not Cheeze, cuz it’s real cheese. I’ve recently developed quite ‘the thing’ for this particular indulgence!!

  2. Kathy says:

    Ooooohhhh! I’m gonna have to try those Utz CheeSe Curls! I have a weakness for baked curls…could be close to kryptonite for me! Never tried those that are spelled with an “s” for being the real deal…..might just be in my shopping basket this weekend!…funny thing is I love the baked curls but dislike the fried ones. Won’t even touch them even in a case of “need-a-snack” emergency!

    • I hope you can find them! The Utz web-site says the brand is available in grocery stores along the East Coast from N. Carolina to New England, plus at Sam’s Club, Costco or BJ’s nationwide. Not every store that has their chips carries the curls. 😦
      But it looks like they’ll be happy to ship them!

      Made-from-scratch popcorn is my favorite salty/crunchy snack, good for a fast fix when there’s a snack emergency. DH is so set against the microwave kind, he’s promised that he’ll make ‘real’ popcorn for me anytime I want it and he does… pretty much. Our Stir Crazy popcorn popper (the Best!) gets regular use.

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