My Second Wriggly Ripple – #23 and a Million

Including this one, I’ve donated eighty-three ripple blankets to charity since I started blogging in January of last year. All together they’ve contained over a million stitches, precisely 1,002,739 stitches… Yelp!

I’m sitting here watching the cursor blink on my computer’s screen while I try to think of something further to say. Ummmmm, it was a fun little thing to do… this figuring how many stitches were in each ripple depending the number of rows in it and keeping a running total. Reaching this milestone just happens to coincide with writing my first crochet pattern, the Wriggly Ripple, which I’ll post next week, promise. Let’s hope I don’t have to reach two million stitches before I write another!

I had no thought of rewarding myself… how, by buying myself some yarn? HAHahahaha… I think I’ve done enough of that lately!

Guess I’ll just keep crocheting ripples. lol.

This is only the second Wriggly Ripple I’ve crocheted. I enjoyed the process just as much as the first time, looking forward to its great reveal…

Sunset Stripes

12,289 stitches – 1,002,739 stitches donated since Jan. 2011

I can’t tell you how many times I automatically crocheted ten double-crochet stitches in a row when what I needed was a 4 dc, chn 2, 4 dc sequence to create one of the smaller points. I’m confident I’ll do this fewer times on my third Wriggly Ripple and soon I’ll be easily shifting back and forth between my two favorite ripple patterns, but in the meantime, having to unravel stitches is soooo disappointing! sigh.

I can identify three of the five yarns I used in Sunset Stripes, Red Heart Super Savers all: Burgundy, Carrot and Aran. The deep yellow is a fingering weight yarn. I used two strands of it held together, which is a little heavier than the other yarns, so I worked those rows through the front loop only. That’s faster for me than working through the back loop only, yet I think it still gives the fabric more drape.

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9 Responses to My Second Wriggly Ripple – #23 and a Million

  1. Kathy says:

    Congrats on the million plus stitches!! You rank right up there with McDonalds!! Heck…maybe you should check the Guinness Book of Records….you have it all listed and photographed….the most stitches donated!!
    I love the colors in Sunset Stripes! They really make the pattern’s wriggles stand out! You always out-do yourself each time!
    You should check out those book companies that take your blog and make it into a hard cover book. What a way to keep/document all your memories of all the afghans you have made to donate and the story that goes with each one.
    Where’s hubby? I’ll slip a lil’ note in his gloves for a great present idea for Ms. Linda Lou!…lol

    • Thank you for the congrats. I don’t know about comparing me to McDs though, HaHa, aren’t they over a Billion by now?

      “You always out-do yourself each time!” Between Ravelry and alottastitches I know there are always at least a few watchful eyes checking out my newest work – keeps me from getting too lazy or complacent!

      Thanks for sharing your idea of a blog book… I’ve seen some ads for them. Kind of a fun idea, but I’m happy with my blog archives and Ravelry project page. 🙂

  2. Sharon says:

    Wow–that pattern is gorgeous!!

  3. craftynowy says:

    Thats amazing! Im sure everybody who recieved the blankets loved them.

  4. cmv1021 says:

    Congratulations on reaching a million! Looking forward to what you come up with for the next million! 🙂

    • Thank You!
      I see no reason to stop at one. 🙂
      If I keep up the ripple pace I estimate I’ll hit two around December 2013!!
      My idea list is looong and getting longer all the time, so who knows?! what I’ll do next, but I sincerely hope you’ll keep coming by to find out.

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