CT Sheep and Wool

We had a wonderful time at the annual Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival! Although there was a blustery wind, it was sunny and warm enough to be comfortable wearing a fleece (not of the sheepy sort) vest. I realized as I dressed that I should have taken the time to pick out several hand-knit or crocheted garments and accessories so I would be appropriately dressed for a fibre fest, but I was in too much of a hurry. I wanted to get there in time to get a good seat for the Rug Hooking demo!

Although DH tried to save me some time by dropping me near the entrance before he parked the car, the rug hooker had already started her demonstration when I arrived. At least I was able to get up close enough to see well and ask lots of questions. I got so absorbed, I didn’t think to take a single photograph! Watching how quickly and nonchalantly she hooked meandering rows of looped wool fleece, I realized I’m being far too cautious about starting my first hooking project. I’m only going to learn by doing and as long as that first project is relatively small, I’ll soon be able to apply what I learned from it to my second hooking project! I appreciated seeing up close how well yarn, wool fabric strips and even fleece can be combined in one project. As you know, I’m just starting a wool fabric collection, but I happen to have lots of yarn! lol.

I had fun talking to members of a crochet guild too. They seemed like such a friendly and helpful group; it’s too bad that the guild holds its meetings about 1 1/2 hours away.

There was a Zen Jacket among the many beautiful examples of crochet work in the guild’s booth. What an interesting garment! It looks like a traditional triangular shawl until the wearer lifts an arm, and then you suddenly realize… it’s a jacket! Hmmm, I like the way the front pieces trail down, but I wonder if I could make it with a shorter point, or no point at all, at the bottom of the back.

I fondled alot of fleece and admired alot of wool yarn, both natural…

and dyed.

I enjoyed a lamb burger while DH had lamb stew. (not photo worthy)

I petted some angora bunnies and sheep.

We watched sheep being expertly sheared…

and it actually happened almost that fast!!

On our way home we stopped at a small thrift store. We were supposedly looking for short-sleeved shirts for DH to wear to work, but we left with this instead!

Any skein, regardless if it held one ounce of sock yarn (little skeins of tan in front), four ounces of wool (big skeins in back) or a pound of Caron acrylic, was $1.00! Happy Birthday to me… again. lol. Okay, so it was no longer technically my birthday, but as it was the weekend immediately following my birthday, I say it counts. You see, if I was still celebrating my birthday, I don’t have to feel guilty about having bought more yarn! Riiight?

DH really likes the natural grey and cream marled yarn. He says he’s tempted to refresh his knitting skills (learned at Stitches East in 2010) and make himself a blanket with it! I’ll let you know if that happens.

The Stitch in Time Fibre Festival is being held at the Nathan Hale Homestead in Coventry, CT this weekend. Part of the many celebrations planned this year to honor the town’s 300th anniversary I expect it will be larger than the Vernon event, which had 60 booths. Since it’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I may even go more than once… depending on the kinds of demonstrations I find scheduled.

I might enjoy this quilt show on Saturday afternoon; it’s only 1/4 mile from the homestead.

I wonder if I might find a thrift shop in the area too. hehe

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4 Responses to CT Sheep and Wool

  1. cmv1021 says:

    Oh wow! I need to start frequenting the thrift stores in CT because I think I’ve gone to every single one in MA and RI and most charge $2.00-$3.00 for a skein of yarn. I don’t think they realize that I can get a new skein at the craft stores for $1.76 with a coupon…and they’re new and haven’t been stored in someone’s basement..lol. Great find! Glad you had a good time at the fair also! 🙂

    • Trust me, these were exceptional deals. I’ve seen small balls of wool yarn marked as high as $5.00 at Savers! The salesclerk at the little store where I got my wool haul said they rarely get yarn donations anymore, yet they still price it at $1.00?!?!

      Do you like tag sales? I find the town-wide tag sale days to be lots of fun, especially if you’re looking for far more than just yarn. You can hit many sales in quick succession, especially if you’ve laid out your route before hand.

      Ah, a kindred spirit, you use coupons and you know the price of your regular yarn down to the penny… $1.76. 🙂 (RHSS?)

  2. cmv1021 says:

    LOL Yes. RHSS. I have started to look at yard sales but there haven’t been that many in my area and most people are just selling boatloads of baby clothes..lol. I have started to branch out and try some specialty yarn shops in my area and actually found 7 skeins of Berroco Comfort yarn for only $1.00 each. They are only 3.5 oz each but they are sooooo soft….I couldn’t pass them up. They will make one cute, soft blanket! 🙂

    • So much RHSS goes into my ripples! It and various vintage (long discontinued) yarns are what I most often get from the thrifts, tag sales and donations.

      Yes, I see those baby clothes too! Not a good sign for yarn shoppers, but I quickly look for baby hats and receiving blankets – needed for a maternity hospital in Haiti.

      some!! specialty yarn shops in my area”… lucky you! My nearest closed a few months ago. I’m left with ones 15 to 30 miles in the opposite direction from where I usually go. On the good side, this keeps me from being seriously tempted! haha.

      I’ve not had the pleasure of working with Berroco Comfort… “soooo soft” sounds lovely!! and at $7.00 for a blanket? A Good Deal! 🙂

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