Ripple of the Week #24

I’ve called this ripple Blue Lagoon ever since I gathered the yarns for it, probably because the darker of the two Lion Brand Color Waves yarn colors is named Blue Lagoon. The lighter one is Caribbean. But when I saw this photograph of my newest ripple…

I suddenly decided its name should instead be…

Fields of Lavender.

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This is the first time I’ve crocheted with Lion Brand Color Waves Yarn. This soft bulky boucle did slow me down, but I love its blended colors so much I think the extra effort was worth it! The label recommends using a size K hook (6.5mm) with it, but because all the yarns I combined with it were the usual medium/worsted weight, I compromised and used an I hook (5.5mm), still one size up from my normal H, instead. This created a denser fabric than my other ripples, but it’s not at all stiff.

The heavier yarn and larger hook also threw off my yarn yield estimates. I made some last-minute changes once I realized that I was going to run out of both of the Color Wave colorways. I’m happy that those changes aren’t too obvious.  Although the blanket is several rows short, because of the heavy yarn it’s still about as long as normal! You can probably figure out what I did once I tell you that I started on the left end.

I have twelve more ounces of the pretty deep purple chenille yarn. I, no, actually it was DH who harvested it from a $2.00 thrift store sweater. I did disassemble the sweater and unravel the first few rows of each piece, but DH unraveled the rest while he watched DVDs. I’m blessed being married to such a helpful guy.

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4 Responses to Ripple of the Week #24

  1. Kathy says:

    Very pretty! Both names are perfect for this afghan! When you called it Blue Lagoon…I saw the blue hues of warm tropical waters!….and I see the lavender in the fields swaying in the wind with your Fields of Lavender. At first I got excited that I have a beautiful brooch and earring set with pressed “lavender” in it…since the colors are so similar to your afghan…but then a split second later…I remembered I have pressed “heather” in the set…very similar to your coloring. The heather is from the fields in Scotland.
    Once again….you’ve done a “blue-tiful” work!! 😉

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