Free-Range Yarn – Part 2

DH wanted to go to the local Savers with me for their card member 30% off sale on May 24th. He was still on the hunt for ‘new’ short-sleeved shirts for work since we hadn’t scored any at the little thrift or at the Savers in Framingham.

Our usual strategy is to shop separately, which saves us lots of time and frustration, and then to share our finds with each other before checking out. DH is tall so if I should finish first I can easily pick him out even from the far side of a large store. If you’ve never been to a Savers store, you might be surprised by just how large they can be…

somewhat resembling a T.J.Maxx or Marshalls in style.

The Arts and Crafts section was just as uninspiring as in Framingham, perhaps even worse. Apparently this wasn’t my week for a yarn haul!

This full skein of RHSS ‘Linen’ was tagged $1.99, less 30% = $1.39. Tempting, about the same as I’d pay at JoAnns with a 40% coupon, but I don’t need any more neutral colored yarn.

I did buy this 3.5 oz skein of Red Heart Holiday Wine. I’d simply call it red with gold. 99¢ less 30% = 69¢. I like having some sparkly yarns for Christmas ripples.

Over in Housewares I thought this wooden box would be great for storing straight knitting needles $2.99 less 30% = $2.09. But it’s for someone who doesn’t have as large a needle collection as mine!

I’m always watching for more molds suitable for recycling crayons. These cute silicone snowmen would also have been $2.09, but I decided that I don’t get enough white crayons to make it worthwhile.

On to the aisle of blankets and throws. Did the granny afghan catch your attention like it did mine?

It was in very good condition and only $1.99, but too small, only about 24″ x 32″, and rather stiff. Sadly, everything else was in seriously over-loved condition.

Books, books, books!!! Mentally multiply this photo by five for an idea of how many full bookcases there were.

These like-new coloring books are definitely keepers, 69¢ like children’s picturebooks and comics. They’re a perennial favorite of the younger foster children.

Books weren’t included in the 30% Sale, but even coloring books qualify for the regular Buy Four Books Get One Free deal.

I grabbed these craft books, saving them to look through later in case DH found shirts to try on. I ended up not buying a single one, but it gives you an idea of the variety available on that day: weaving, quilting, locker hooking*, sewing and knitting.

*A locker hook looks like a crochet hook with an eye in the handle end for holding a strip of fabric. Here you can take a peek inside of another book about this unique rug making technique.

DH was the definite winner on this shopping trip! I didn’t count how many shirts he tried on, but we eliminated a few that fit him before we settled on ten! Their average price was $3.90 less 30% = $2.73. Yay! Why pay more?

I also found him ten pairs of dress socks, new with tags. He’ll be sad to say good-bye to his favorite argyle socks, but, sweetie, the time has come to toss out every pair that has threadbare heels! We paid the most, $4.99 less 30% = $3.49, for a luxurious pair of Burberry merino wool/nylon ‘Fine English Socks’ with an original price tag of $22, but most of the others, Perry Ellis, Sears, Lee, etc. were only about $1.49 less 30% = $1.09.

I almost forgot until I noticed it there in the cart photo… I found a crocheted afghan for the foster children.  Mint green and about 32″ square, it was in the baby department. $1.99 less 30% = $1.39. I’ll add a multi-colored border to both enlarge and enliven it.

DH went through the checkout while I lingered over the jewelry display, so it wasn’t until later that I found out the coloring books were only 29¢ each, the usual price for magazines. Nice! That’s far better than 69, even with buy four books get one free.

On the downside, I also saw on the receipt that DH wasn’t given the 30% discount on my Sak knitted purse. Marked $7.99, it should have only cost us $5.59.

I don’t usually carry this large of a purse, but sometimes it’s nice to have one big enough to hold your purse stuff as well as a water bottle or knitting project or book or… you know, whatever! lol.

I think it needs a BIG unique decorative button. Don’t you?

I have lots of time to shop for just the right one, since I probably won’t use my ‘new’ purse until this fall. I’ll certainly check at JoAnns, but I’m just as likely to find a cool button on something at one of the thrifts. I recently deliberated over whether I should buy an ugly burlap tote for its three interesting ceramic buttons. I didn’t get it. So now I have to pretend that none of them would have looked good on this purse. sigh

Oh… I got distracted for a minute by my ‘new’ purse… but I still want my… mmmm, $2.40 refund. That’s a good enough reason to return to Savers on Tuesday, 20% senior discount day. It’ll be interesting to see if the store is bare from the previous day’s 50% sale. Plus you never know, as Thursday was the day for shirts, Tuesday could be the day for yarn, or handmade blankets, or fabric, or books!

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4 Responses to Free-Range Yarn – Part 2

  1. You’re inspiring. We don’t have any thrift stores around here that sell yarn. But I have thought of buying afgans to frog for yarn.. just haven’t done it. Good finds! 🙂

    • “Inspiring” – Thank You! That’s so much nicer than being told that I’m cheap! LOL.

      Unless the afghan is quite ugly, buying an afghan with the intention of unraveling it can feel rather odd the first time.
      I find thinking of it as merely buying yarn in a ‘new’ non-skein form makes it easier. lol.
      And once you’ve figured the price per pound?… It’s too late to turn back cuz you’re already hooked. (pun intended)

      Yes, it was a very good shopping day!

  2. Sharon says:

    Hi–I cannot even begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed your last two entries. Loved the photos and the humor and you have given me so many good ideas as to how to get more yarn on a limited budget. You are the kind of customer every store would want–leaving the displays nicer than how you found them!!! Just think what a great world it would be if we all were like that.
    Great job!!!!
    Thanks so much!

    • Thank you so much for writing such a thoughtful and encouraging comment, Sharon!
      And you’re welcome. 🙂

      I felt very awkward taking photos where people would notice and trust me they DID notice and LOOK!! LOL, which I expected as I was in a store, so I tried to be quick and unobtrusive. Click, click. But somehow my camera settings got changed, maybe when I put in fresh batteries? Anyway, the automatic flash went off a few times, which of course was totally NOTICEABLE!! ARrrgh. :S

      And about the craft displays. Sigh. I will not rant.
      I’ll simply say to store managers and tag sale hosts/hostesses – stuff will sell faster when it’s neatly arranged rather than left in tousled heaps.
      And to fellow shoppers – do you wreak havoc like this at your friends’ homes? Oh… maybe some of you do. LOL!

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