A Fast and Furious Hook

Cidalia finished her daughter’s Wriggly Ripple in only five days! Not to discount Cidalia’s crochet skill and speed, but I think this proves just how fast and easy my pattern is.

Let’s take another close look at the Pretty Spring Colors little Aubrey chose, shall we?

Now, since it is Aubrey’s Wriggly, it seems only right that Aubrey was the one to name it, yes? A drum roll please… Rrrappita tappita tappita tap…


Aubrey’s Blanket

Crocheted with an I hook, Aubrey’s Blanket is 41″ wide and, with 84 rows, about 55″ long, big enough for Aubrey to enjoy for many years.

Cidalia’s already thinking about another wriggly, one made with several colors of worsted weight Berroco Comfort. She got the yarn, which normally retails for $6.00 or $7.00, for… get this, $1.00 a skein! With a price like that you might assume it came from a thrift, but no, she found a fantastic clearance sale at a LYS. Way to go Cidalia!!

I’m wondering whether Aubrey, who clearly has a knack for it, also chose the colors for her mom’s next project. I’m anxious to see this ‘wriggly of many colors’, aren’t you?!

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3 Responses to A Fast and Furious Hook

  1. Sooooooooo beautiful!!!!!

    • Hello! and Welcome.

      I don’t know if Cidalia is checking ‘her post’ for comments, so I’ll forward yours compliment to her.
      Thanks for dropping by alottastitches. 🙂


    • cmv1021 says:

      Thanks Lynn! Nice to see some of my Facebook friends have started to head over and check out Linda’s blog! Thank you! 🙂

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