At Savers… again.

Guess who forgot to take her camera with her to Savers on Tuesday! Oh, it was just as well, cuz there wasn’t much yarn to look at anyway. There wasn’t any acrylic yarn at all, which is what I use for my charity ripples.  Macrame cord, yes. A little wool, yes… One skein of Wool-Ease $2.99, One skein of Paton Classic Wool $3.99, and Two bags, each with two 50 gm skeins of Rowan DK Tweed, that were marked $9.99. None of which seemed thrifty to me! And no acrylic.

But on the good side, I got five more new coloring books for the foster kids and they were 29¢… (instead of 69) again! When it happened the first time I thought somebody made a mistake, but now that it’s happened a second time… I’m hoping it’s a permanent price change. Yay! Now to just keep my little secret so I can keep grabbing all the nicest coloring books for the kids! lol

And… I found another nice crocheted baby blanket! $2.99 less 20% = $2.39. It’s a PINK granny square about thirty-six inches across. That’s a nice size for a baby, but I always imagine their little fingers and toes getting stuck in the holes, so I’ll enlarge it to about forty-eight for a little older foster child, just like I did Little Boy Blues. I call this process ‘refinishing’ an afghan, because the person who made this crocheted this baby blanket finished it, but now I’m going to add-on and declare it finished a second time, thus… re-finished!

I have no idea what color(s) I’ll add to it, but I know that it’ll be a fast and easy refinish once I match the stitch gauge by finding the right size of crochet hook.

Oh, I did get one other crafty thing at Savers. Well, actually I got two! of them for the price of one, but that’s for a post I’m working on for next week, cuz they belong with this other thing…   oh, you’ll see it all soon enough. lol

And, yeah…  I did remember to get the $2.39 refund for my purse.

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