An Inconspicuous Blue Bag

I’m so glad that my wooly neckwarmer charity project is over! (except for sharing my project photos and notes with everyone, that is) It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed knitting them. Although I do admit that it wasn’t completely pleasant to work with wool on a recent 87 degree day, it was still lots of fun playing with different color combinations and over-dyeing yarn!

No, the main reason I’m glad it’s over is because of this big blue bag that was recently left for me at the charity drop-box. Boy! Was I ever surprised when I went to pull it out of the box!

Surprised because it was full of crayons…

Heavy crayons for me to recycle for foster children…  twenty pounds of crayons!!

The MOMS Club collected them and guided the groups of children who removed labels and sorted. I can’t even estimate how many hours they saved me!!

Adding these to all the other crayons that have quietly accumulated at our house over the past few months, I now have thirty-five pounds, that’s right, you read correctly, a total of Thirty-Five Pounds of Crayons waiting to be recycled!! Surely that’s enough crayons to try every one of my new molds, including my very newest, the Happy Holidays Jell-O Jiggler molds I recently found at Savers. These are the ‘other crafty things’ I taunted you with last week. lol.

There’s only one price tag between they two because they were stuck one inside the other, a happy surprise I discovered while I was showing them to DH! And I had thought I had gotten a good deal getting one for 79¢ (99¢ less 20% Sr. discount), but two…  why that’s a crazy better deal than the $2.99 they were asking for that red silicone snowman mold I considered buying a few days ago! Not only can I make snowman crayons with these, but star, tree, Santa and gingerbread man crayons as well. Whoo-hoo!

Except for the shallower stars, these molds are far deeper than necessary for crayon recycing. I plan to fill them less than halfway.

Although making neckwarmers has been my main goal for the past few weeks, I have  taken a few breaks from both knitting and crocheting to chop crayons into smaller pieces so they’ll easily fit into my various metal and silicone molds. DH has been helping. We use common household scissors to do this job. Yes, there’s nothing quite like spending a romantic evening together… chopping crayons! Chop, chop, chop… chop. lol.

I’m hoping for at least one more stretch of cool weather before summer sets in. I certainly won’t be able to recycle all thirty-five pounds in one day, possibly not even in two. I’m going to have the oven going for a looooong time! Mother Nature seemed to be teasing me last Monday; the high was only 57 degrees, but I was knitting a neckwarmer, not making crayons.

Once I finally begin, I hope to continuously coordinate baking crayons in the oven with melting crayons on the top of the stove. That way it will at least feel like the process is going quickly. A little harmless delusion can be a good thing, right? lol!

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2 Responses to An Inconspicuous Blue Bag

  1. “…before summer sets in…” Huh! We have an extended forecast of 88 Degrees! Where’s that cotton yarn??

    • I just double checked – they’re still saying mild here (75) through Tuesday. Nice! Cuz I want to get some outdoor painting done. Then a slow build to 90.

      I thought if you lived in the South you were supposed to be used to the heat?!? No? 😉

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