Ripple of the Week #28 – Melonberry

Melonberry, Red Heart’s name for this Super Saver variegated yarn, also fits this yummy looking Wriggly Ripple! It’s only the fourth one that I’ve made from my own Wriggly Ripple pattern.

I also included Red Heart Super Saver Aran, Medium Purple and Light Raspberry. The only yarn without an official name is the bright coral, or maybe, since this blanket’s name is ‘Melonberry’, I should call it deep cantaloupe? HAHa.

It’s interesting how yellowish the Aran looks, maybe because of the purple? Anyway, it’s making me think about the color of sliced bananas or lemonade made from scratch. I usually just consider it as boring old off-white yarn!

12,003 stitches – 1,058,822 donated since Jan. 2011

I have enough of the Melonberry yarn to crochet at least one more ripple with it. It has such an unusual and pretty combination of colors, I wouldn’t mind starting another quite soon!

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4 Responses to Ripple of the Week #28 – Melonberry

  1. Sherbet. Sherbet. Sherbet. I’ll bring the bowls if you’ll bring the cookies.

  2. cmv1021 says:

    What a cheery combination of colors!! Great job…again…lol. You always do great work! Maybe one week you can try as hard as you can to make a yucky looking ripple! LOL I have a feeling that no matter how hard you would try to make a yucky ripple it would still come out looking great!

    I can see some little girl snuggling with this Wriggly already! 🙂

    • Thank You!

      B.B. (before blog) I would get lazy sometimes and make a ripple that, although not yucky, was rather ho-hum. Now I find myself giving the color combinations a little more thought; having an audience makes a difference! But even if I made a ripple that I thought was yucky looking, chances are that someone would say it was their most favorite ripple of all! LOL.

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