Verneta’s Wriggly Ripple

Let’s start at this ripple’s very beginning, shall we? My dear reader, Verneta, bought this large rectangular crocheted blanket for its yarn, just $5.00 at GoodWill. What a find!

By adding a third color, she now has more than enough yarn to make Two afghans! Yay!!

I feel fortunate that Verneta has chosen to use my new Wriggly Ripple pattern, especially considering how many other great afghan patterns to pick from! She’s already past its half-way point with twenty-eight inches finished. Zoom, zoom, Verneta! Here’s a quote from comments she has left as she crochets her Wriggly, “The pattern is wonderful! Great instructions and it goes so fast.” and “So fun!!! Love your pattern, Linda. It’s fast to do … up 9, down 9, up 4, down 4. Yeah!” Pretty good endorsements, don’t you think? lol.

Using an H hook, her Wriggly, so far known as ‘Waves of Blue’, is about thirty-eight inches wide. As always, classic 3, 2, 1 striping comes out looking great!

Waves of Blue is sure to cheer and comfort the child at Target House, a long-term stay facility at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, who receives it! Verneta also crochets lap afghans for patients at the Veteran’s Hospital and scarves/hat/cowls for the homeless. Hers is one busy hook. See it Flash!!

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3 Responses to Verneta’s Wriggly Ripple

  1. cmv1021 says:

    Great job Verneta! I also love how quickly the Wriggly Ripple works up! 🙂

  2. An email from Vernetta:

    ” Linda, again, THANK YOU for posting my Wriggly Ripple. If it wasn’t for your thoughtfulness to share your wriggly pattern with all of us out there in Ravelry-Land, I (and all the others) wouldn’t have the many pleasurable hours of crocheting a wriggly! A BIG THANK YOU to your husband for getting my pics to work on your blog.

    Take care! Verneta “

  3. And my reply:

    ” You’re so welcome! I like to tell a story to go along with each blanket picture. Hopefully it makes my blog a little more interesting for my dear readers. shrug

    I’ve learned a few new techie things with the blog, but there’s so much I don’t know. It’s sure handy to have someone around who finds all this stuff so easy!! And he’s glad to help too. The blog was actually his idea – I never would have started it on my own. 🙂 “

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