The Neckwarmer Diaries

May 28th – Finished knitting the Chartreuse striped neckwarmer and started on the Brown and Pink one. Added a red single-ply yarn to its color mix, so it’s going to be brown with bright pink, red, and burgundy stripes.

May 29th – Overdyed the Larkspur blue wool yarn with Wilton Royal icing color. Shown here still damp.

Here’s the before picture again for a comparison. Quite an improvement in my opinion and now it meets the Warm Hands Network medium to dark color suggestion.

May 31st – Almost finished with the Brown and Pink’s turtleneck. I ran out of brown yarn at a height of five-and-a-half inches. Good Job! That’s what the pattern recommends.

As usual, they look ridiculous until they’re blocked!

Four more neckwarmers, pinned and ready for steam blocking. Yay!!

They’re slightly different sizes because I changed knitting needles to match the weight of the yarns I was using. I want my neckwarmers to be dense and warm!

While they dried…

I cast-on and started knitting with my new hand-dyed blue yarn. Yummy! It was much nicer to knit with than the previous skein of Caron wool, no longer ‘grabbing’ at my needles, an added benefit of dyeing.

The next morning  – June 1st…


I also finished the solid blue neckwarmer. It used two-and-a half ounces of the four-ounce skein I dyed, leaving me with one-and-a half ounces. I found a couple darker blue yarn scraps to combine with it and cast-on with my pretty blue yarn once again.

June 2nd – Finished the three-tone blue one, another done in two days! Whoo-hee!

In the next neckwarmer post I’ll show you the dyeing that was going in and out of the microwave while I knitted.

Warm Hands Network Tally: 13 Neckwarmers and 1 Cowl finished, with only three days left to knit. The pressure was on! lol.

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