The Neckwarmer Finale

June 2nd (continued) – While I was knitting the blue striped neckwarmer I was over-dyeing the Browns variegated yarn with Wilton’s Burgundy icing color. I was curious how well this vintage yarn would take up the dye because, instead of being 100% wool like the light blue yarn I dyed earlier, this one is 60% acrylic and 40% wool.


After, still wet:

It wasn’t a very rich color, but I liked it better than before.

I figured it would dry faster if I hung it outside. Once out on the porch, I couldn’t help but notice how great its colors looked in the sun with my peonies!

Better still with this iris!!

I steam blocked the two blue neckwarmers and left them to dry overnight.

June 3rd, the next morning – Ta-Dah!

And I made fast and furious progress knitting with my freshly dyed yarn.

June 4th – I realized that although I could easily finish this neckwarmer, I shouldn’t even think about starting another until after I dealt with…

the apparently unfixed burgundy dye, which rubbed off on my t-shirt while I was knitting! I assume the 60% acrylic part of the yarn was at least partly to blame for this problem, which I’ve never had before.

I soaked the neckwarmer in warm water with dish detergent and shampoo. I carefully rinsed it several times until the water remained clear and then I wrapped it in a towel to absorb most of the moisture.

I don’t think I’ve ever wet blocked a piece of my knitting before. The turtleneck was so heavy and limp that I set a can of spray paint inside to help it stand up so air could circulate around it! I turned on a fan and hoped that the neckwarmer would dry overnight. It had to be absolutely dry by the next evening, so it could be packed for the trip to Canada on the 6th.

I decided that I had enough time left to knit a second cowl. They take about half as long as a neckwarmer and, being ribbed, they don’t really need to be blocked!

I used up the rest of the olive and grey yarn left from my first attempt at a neckwarmer (turned cowl), almost a month ago!, along with some brown scraps.

June 5th – Another Ta-Dah! Let’s hope this is colorfast; I hate to think of someone getting a pink collar from it!

I love the dramatic spiraling colors on its turtleneck!

Final Warm Hands Network Tally: 14 Neckwarmers and 2 Cowls. YAY!!

DH took the box of sixteen with him on June 6th and dropped them off at the WHN headquarters in Ottawa on the next day. He doesn’t know if he’ll ever return to Ottawa on business. If he should have another opportunity, I hope he’ll be able to give me more advance notice so I can knit my wooly neckwarmers at a more leisurely pace next time.

Reading this post, I think I sound tired. Well, I was tired by the time by the time I’d finished fourteen neckwarmers and two cowls! I have never knit for so long with such focused concentration. I’m very satisfied with my accomplishment and smile while thinking about the sixteen people who will be warmer this winter because of this month-long project!

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4 Responses to The Neckwarmer Finale

  1. JudyR says:

    Truly wonderful project!

  2. Anita says:

    Linda, I looove the items. It’s so cool to see pictures of them on your site, then take pictures of them as they wind up at my house in Ottawa. I’m going to send these items up to Moosonee, and Gjoa Haven (an island in Nunavut).

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