Charity Auction Update

Only two of the crocheted blankets I offered, Cool Jewels and one of the Checkered Rainbows, were included in this year’s silent charity auction for a Haitian mission. My Seaside Tote was in the teacup raffle, a new feature for the fundraiser.

Last year’s three blankets (two that I’d crocheted and a handknit that one I bought at a thrift) brought in about $90, so I thought it was great that this year’s two blankets raised $85, $55 from the rainbow and $30 from Cool Jewels. I was surprised that the rainbow went for more than the jewels, which has always been a favorite of mine. I suppose that as pretty as it is, Cool Jewels is still just a granny afghan. It’s such a well-known pattern that grannies are often considered commonplace and nothing special. You and I know better! LOL.

I don’t know how many raffle tickets ($1 each) went into the cup labeled for my bag, but I saw a snapshot of the woman who won both it and my rainbow blanket; she looked very pleased!! I’m glad to know that they’re being enjoyed and that they made some money for a very good cause as well.

I shared these free easy crocheted bag patterns with one of the auction’s organizers. It sounds like at least one will be translated for Haitian crocheters. How Cool is that!? The second bag I donated may go to Haiti so they’ll have it to look at while they familiarize themselves with its pattern.

We’re already chatting about next year’s auction and the possibility of me crocheting a lace shawl for it! I told her that I have never crocheted lace, let alone lace made of fingering weight yarn, but that I would certainly consider trying it. Since our last conversation I got all those cones of cotton yarn at Sal’s… maybe you remember?

It might be the perfect thing for crocheting a lace summer shawl. Just imagine how pretty a solid peach Small Talk Shawl would be! Cheri McEwen’s pattern is available as a free Ravelry download.

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4 Responses to Charity Auction Update

  1. What wonderful work you’re doing, helping other people with your crochet. Ah yes, granny squares are probably tougher to make but then again only fellow “hookers” know that (wink). Still in awe of how fast you can finish projects… still struggling with my granny square blanket (since February!).

    • Thank you. I’m so glad that I’ve found charity groups that want my blankets or our house would be overflowing with them by now!! LOL

      Your granny is beautiful!, with such a fun cheery mix of colors… I especially enjoyed the advance peek you gave us on your April 24th blog post. It’s worth every minute you’re investing in it’s creation! Just remember, you’re going to be able to glory in it’s beauty for years to come. 🙂

      Yes, they may take more time than many other afghan patterns, but there’s just something about a granny… I always have at least one ‘on the hook’, two currently, but thinking about starting yet another!

      I highly recommend a Ripple (there are many versions) if you want your next blanket to be a Fast crochet!

  2. I have the utmost faith in your ability to crochet a lace shawl! AND I can’t wait to see it in one of those luscious colors you found.

    Wow to the $$ your auction items pulled in! Woot! And I bet that happy lady was cute when she won. 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement! Now just to pick from all the beautiful free shawl patterns in Ravelry and dive in. 🙂

      I was disappointed that Cool Jewels only got $30, but so surprised when the Rainbow went up to $55… just shows what I know about what people will like. LOL.

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