A Crochet Whim – Part 3

It’s been a looong time since I last talked about any progress on my Flower Star baby blanket… not since this post way back in April when reader Kathy suggested its new name in a comment.

It’s so close to being done, that, although I haven’t finished working in every yarn end, I wanted to show it to you today!

Celestial Icing

It’s certainly not what anyone could call a flattering photo. lol. Unfortunately, pale yellow baby yarn doesn’t look its best when shot against beige carpet.

And thankfully, the nine white stars don’t seem to stand out nearly that much in real life. In explanation… when I ran out of all four ‘matching’ variegated yarns and realized I was still a few short stars for a seventh round, I crocheted some with the plain white yarn I was using to edge all the stars. Well… at least you can see how nicely all the other stars go together! And thanks to the mixed seventh round, this has become a generously sized hexagon baby blanket, forty-four inches across when measured point to point.

I finished it off with two rounds of turquoise single crochet, the first worked from the blanket’s front side and the second round from the back. In order to get the edge to lay flat I skipped a stitch in each valley and did a sc-chn3-sc in each point.

Although I’m holding all of this summer’s ripples until September when blankets will again be distributed to new foster children, I think I’ll pass this one on as soon as I get its yarn ends tucked away. It’s definitely an airy summer afghan.

BTW – Thanks Kathy for the fun name!

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6 Responses to A Crochet Whim – Part 3

  1. Sharon says:

    Hi–this afghan is so unique and pretty. What a treasure to pass on!

    • Thank You! I’m glad you like it.
      I feel fairly wishy-washy about this one, probably just because its colors are wishy-washy. 🙂
      I’m tempted to photograph it again on another background just to see how much difference that would make… bright pink or purple might look good
      Now that’s got me thinking… I do have some pieces of fleece up in the attic waiting for crocheted borders…

  2. agujasblog says:

    It looks very nice and if you had not pointed them out, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the white stars. It all works well together.

    • Thank you Veronica. I’m glad the little white stars don’t bother you. lol.

      I’m a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to keep this blanket from showing its scrap yarn origin. Up until I added the white stars I’d done such a great job! But I couldn’t help but be practical and make it as large as possible… it can be used through at least the toddler years now. 🙂

  3. AnnB says:

    I think the white gives it a brightness it would not otherwise have. Look at the first photo again.

    • Hi Ann and Welcome to alottastitches!

      You’re so right. I’m glad that I edged the stars in white. That’s what led me to make those last few stars out of white too.

      Looking at this old project makes me think about a particular round ripple that I made this summer, ‘Buttermint Creams’. . . I think it could have used the help of a little bright white too!

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