2012 Ripple of the Week #31 – The Midas Touch

I made Midas with five yellow and gold yarns including Red Heart Super Saver Gold, a yellow chenille from a thrift store sweater and a very subtle variegated. The pale yellow is actually two strands of baby yarn that I held together.

Although that’s far fewer yarns than I used in Waves, I was still able to get a little of the same glow that I like so much!

11,826 stitches – 1,095,084 donated since Jan. 2011

It’s a great happy ripple suitable for either a boy or girl… I should make more Yellow blankets!

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8 Responses to 2012 Ripple of the Week #31 – The Midas Touch

  1. nitababe says:

    The yellows are a great combination. Beautiful work.

  2. As usual : Gorgeous! You successfully combine colors that I would consider clashing. I continue to be a padawan learner. Lol

    As it happens I am beginning a yellow lapghan myself! I’ll be using a baby blanket pattern that I love. I think it’s called the Newbie Sideways Shell Baby Blanket found on the Project Linus website.

    It will find a home with a hospital patient. A lady on one of the Ravelry groups has a husband who works there. The hospital is going to try yellow lapghans as a quick way to identify patients who are a “fall risk”. How clever!

    • Thank you, thank you!

      Regarding combining colors that clash – that’s one of the fun things about crocheting for charity – you can put together colors just to see how they work together. Sometimes I fall in love with my results and once in a while NOT!, but it’s okay… I’ve learned that every blanket is someone’s favorite. 🙂

      That blanket pattern has a beautiful texture and I love its broad border! Here’s a link to the Sideways Shell Ravelry projects, in case any readers want to check out the 300! examples already made. I’ll be watching for the photos of yours Karen.

      I’m glad the hospital picked such a cheery lapghan color for the patients with “fall risks”! Let’s just hope they don’t trade blankets with other patients cuz they prefer a different color! lol

      • Lol! Yes, that would be a problem, wouldn’t it? Yellow was chosen as it signals “yield” or “slow”. I agree that a bright sunny yellow is perfectly cheerful.

        Thank you for linking the correct pattern. I can’t wait to show the finished product! 🙂

      • “yield” or “slow” – That makes perfect sense, kind of like the slow moving vehicle signs you see on farm equipment!

        Happy to add the link. 🙂

        My sister recently delivered a bunch of lapghans to a friend who works at a nursing home. She was so happy to get them because one of the residents decided ALL the lapghans were hers and started collecting them on the foot of her bed, which left most other residents on her floor without. But with enough extra blankets they could keep everyone happy! lol.

  3. Bettina says:

    oooh … lovely! makes me want to ransack my stash for yellows immediately!!!

    • I’m happy that my Midas inspires you! Hope you find enough different shades of yellow waiting in your stash. If you’re like me you want to start ASAP, not go hunting in the stores for the yellow you want. HAha

      I’m keeping an eye out for other colors in my stash that I can use to make another in this style. I’m nearly there with a set going from rust to pale peach.

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