An Exception

Whenever I visit a thrift store I always look for afghans because I never know when I’ll find a really nice one with a really nice price. If I find one that’s smaller than I like, I can enlarge it like I did Little Boy Blues. If it’s quite Large, I can either unravel it back to a child-sized blanket, like Kindergarten Colors, or unravel it completely for the yarn. (almost 4 pounds and 7 pounds)

I recently got this ripple afghan at Sal’s for $3.99 (full price).

It’s Large, 53″ x 85″.

Unraveled it would yield four pounds of yarn, enough for nearly three of my kids’ ripples, or partly unraveled it could become a 35″ x 53″ vertically striped ripple and about twenty ounces of yarn.

But I have several reasons for leaving it as it is:

  1. It’s a Ripple! Having crocheted charity ripples for a few years, I’ve developed a strong affinity for them.
  2. It’s in pristine condition.
  3. I already have plenty of gold yarn…

4. and white yarn in my charity stash.

Plus, I reluctantly admit that…

5. I don’t really want to crochet with a full pound of OSHA Safety Orange yarn. (4 lbs. ÷ 4 colors = 1 lb. of each color)

I hope that there’s a foster child, maybe a strong teen able to wrestle with a four-pound blanket, whose immediate reaction to this ripple will be, “I want that one!”, instead of covering their eyes and complaining, “It’s So BRIGHT!“, like most adults who see it! lol.

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6 Responses to An Exception

  1. Allyson Gilcrease says:

    Oh Linda, I LOVE that afghan!! I for one am so glad that you are leaving it as it is! It hurts my heart to see these hand-made afghans at the thrift stores. You just know how much work and love were put into each stitch! But on the upside, it will bless someone who needs it at a time in their life that they need a special “hug”!

    • Hi Allyson! Welcome to alottastitches.

      Isn’t this ripple Somethin’!?!!

      There are so many afghans that make their way to the thrifts! Happily most of them look like they were Very Loved in their previous life, if you know what I mean, lol, so I don’t feel bad about passing them by. I hope that any of my kids’ ripples that end up in a thrift look ratty by then too!!

      But when I find one in great condition I carefully deliberate over whether to buy it and what I will do with it. I’m glad that you approve of my thoughtful decision to leave this exceptional afghan just as it is, but I hope you’ll be okay when I unravel one too… It’s not as painful after you’ve seen it done a few times. 🙂

  2. Sharon says:

    Hello. I am happy you are leaving the afghan intact. Although I am not fussy on the colors, it is plain to be seen that there has been care and atention to detail in this afghan (especially in the white border). Some people love to completely wrap themselves up in an afghan!! This one will be perfect for that someone.

  3. Mara says:

    Love the colors on this one. I’m sure it’ll be great for a teenage boy. Thanks for all your hard work.
    BTW, I just figured out the pattern from the photo if anyone wants it. I’m sure it would make a fast afghan.

    • Hi Mara!

      Welcome to alottastitches and thank you for your thoughtful comment.

      Oh, My! All my hard work? I only had to find and buy the afghan, lol, but how about your hard work? I’m sure it took quite a bit of time and effort to figure out it’s stitch pattern! YAH!! How exciting! Thank you so much for offering to share it!! Would you like for me to put it in on the blog? You know that I’ll give you full credit for being so clever. 🙂

      I think I should probably crochet a sample blanket and post a photo of it along with your pattern, don’t you?

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