New Labels for New Crayons

Once I readied the batch of 250 Rainbow Crayons for this summer’s sand pails (giftpacks for foster kids), it was time to turn to my new crayons, the five piece Halloween…

and four piece Christmas sets!

I needed to design labels for them that would fit my “new” Avery address labels. I got the package of 200 along with four pencil boxes at Savers for just $1.59 with my senior discount back in September.

Since these labels are only 1″ tall I made a smaller oval template by drawing around one of the Rainbow labels on a piece of file folder (cardstock)and then cutting far inside the pencil line. I can fit two of these small ovals on each address label.

I started off handwriting ‘Christmas Crayons’…

but soon changed to ‘Holiday Crayons’, which is a little shorter. I didn’t come up with a shorter version of ‘Halloween Crayons’ though. lol.

I decided a large and small pumpkin would be fast and cute! If you don’t think of it as drawing pumpkins, but only as making some left and right curved orange Cs, they’re very easy.

1. Three large ‘regular’ left curving Cs matched with two right curving Cs make the large pumpkin. 2. Then starting tight against it, two left and two right small Cs make a smaller buddy pumpkin. TaDah! Two cute pumpkin bodies.

3. With a finer brown pen I added little stumpy stems. 4. Then a bit of green vine curlicues from each stem and I’m done. Here’s an image of a pumpkin with vines that was helpful to me.

These labels would be fun on a bag of Halloween rainbow crayons too. An Orange crayon with bits of white and yellow and a solid Black one is mandatory, of course, but including a Yellow one with bits of orange, as well as Purple, White and/or Green rainbow crayons is optional.

Holly Leaves may seem more complicated, but they’re easy too. You can follow the sequence of steps, top to bottom, in the next photo. 1. I happened to have a fine point pen so I drew three red rings that form a triangle and then 2. I filled them in leaving a bit of white on each for a ‘highlight’.

But if I’d had a bold tipped pen, like the one I used for the pumpkins, I could have much more quickly drawn three solid red dots: Bink! Bink! Bink! = Berry! Berry! Berry!

3. I drew two short fine green lines, one going off at an angle to the left and the other to the right for the spines of my two leaves. 4. A line with three scallops looks alot like the edge of a holly leaf! Here’s an image of holly leaves that’s helpful. Starting at a point straight out from the far end of one of short green lines I made one scalloped line to its left, ending at the berries, then another scalloped line to its right, ending at the same place as the first.  One holly leaf done. 5. Repeated #4 for second leaf. Ta-DA! Holly Leaves… wiiiith… highlighted Holly Berries!!

Wouldn’t these stickers be great for bags of stocking stuffer crayons?!

I thought we’d be scanning a page of each kind of label at this point, so we could just print some the next time I make holiday crayons, but then I noticed that my label package says only ‘Laser’, not ‘Laser/Ink Jet’, like the package in Amazon.

Our printer is ink jet. DH has a laser printer at work…

but it’s B&W. sigh

The good news is that I got three more Happy Holidays Jell-o Jiggler molds for 50¢ each during Sal’s half-off 4th of July sale! These are smaller than my others, so each mold makes one set of five Christmas crayons instead of two.

Bring on the bags full of crayons to recycle! I am ready for mass production… now I can make seven sets of Christmas crayons at a time!!

P.S. A helpful reader has let me know that she has used labels intended only for laser printers with her ink jet and they turn out just fine! I’ve already cut out all the labels so I don’t have a page of them to scan, but I’ll definitely give this a try in the fall when I make the next batch of crayons… and labels.

Thank You for sharing this helpful info, Mandy!

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4 Responses to New Labels for New Crayons

  1. Allyson Gilcrease says:

    You amaze me! I LOVE the crayon idea!! I sure wish that I lived closer to you, I would love to help out with the crayons. Oh well, I’ll be there in spirit! Keep up the great work!

    • And I’d love your help, cuz each batch of crayons has been bigger than the last!
      There are groups of kids (scouts I think) sorting and removing labels from the used crayons that were collected at the end of the school year. I imagine they’ll be ready for me by the time the weather cools down in September… just in time to make more Halloween crayons! 🙂

  2. So glad you’re showing us more crayons today! I saw silicone molds at Walmart yesterday for $.99 each. They were ice cube trays. There were strawberries, citrus slices, and 2 others that I don’t remember now. I stood there trying to think of who I could make fun crayons for. Then, I realized these trays would only produce crayons about 3/4 of an inch round. Tiny, nubby crayons.

    Thanks for the drawing tips!

    • Don’t give up on ice cube trays – I’m able to use a star one (the Halloween stars). The crayons come out about 1 1/4″ across and I figure all those points make them great for coloring. 🙂

      But the pumpkin ice cube tray someone gave me is another story… So CUTE! but they’re so small, rounded and with a fine stem that would easily snap off! Tsk, Tsk.

      You’re Welcome! Hope you have a great weekend!

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