It’s raining today.* The thunder woke me up this morning and it’s been raining off and on ever since, sometimes with a quiet pitter-patter and sometimes with cacophonous banging and crashing! It’s the kind of warm summer rain that is bound to bring on another crop of mushrooms in our shady side-yard.

I don’t know what kind these are or whether they’re edible. I see that our slugs like them! (check the stem) I just enjoy seeing them pop up when the conditions are juuuust right! lol.

The all day rain has created the perfect conditions for me to stay inside and crochet. Yippee! No weeding, berry picking or porch painting for me today!

I’m especially excited about these extra hours to crochet because last night I started a new granny afghan! I know, I know, I already have two in the works… lest I eventually sit surrounded by partly finished granny afghans, I’ve promised myself that I will intermittently work on finishing either the Thrifty Granny or the Flower Garden Grannywhile I crochet this one.

Now that I’ve dispensed with the ‘granny guilt’, let me tell you about my newest project! Even though all the cream yarns I used in Corduroy Colors and A Summer Bouquet, my most recent scrap ripples, came from my neutrals scrap box, it’s still full!

I thought I was going to make something like stinasig’s Bedspread and that I would use  scrap creams and tans for the light squares. But I soon realized I don’t have the wide variety of medium and dark scraps required; I count sixteen different shades in hers. Hmmmmmm, so what to do instead?

Hey – what if I were to make a patchwork scrap granny of just neutrals?!?! These colors remind me of mushrooms and the rich dark soils they love, so I’m going to call it my Mushroom Garden Granny! lol.

So far I’ve only made ‘dark’ granny squares, three-round ones.

Yetnanother project idea has just occurred to me! Whenever I come to the end of a ball or skein of yarn, instead of adding to my mini scrap ball collection …

I’m going to crochet little one and two-round grannies. They only take two or six yards of yarn. Someday there will be enough of these little squares to create a wonderful Scrap Granny!

But let’s return to the Mushroom Garden Granny idea.

I’m already considering layout possibilities. I could simply alternate light and dark squares…

or I could add a round of mushroom cap cream to each square so I can join-as-I-go…

or I could alternate light and dark squares while arranging them from the very darkest on the outer edge of the blanket toward the very lightest at its center…

or add a round of compost black or grass-green and join-as-I-go or…

I could use some other layout that I have yet to consider.

But for today… today’s dim light is perfect for growing, pardon me, crocheting mushrooms, so I will be content pondering the many design possibilities while I make many more mushroom squares.

* No, it’s not raining today. Today our little stream has slowed to a mere trickle, the forsythia bush is wilted and the mushrooms and slugs have gone into hiding. But it was raining just a couple of weeks ago when I started writing mushroom project notes and took mushroom photographs.

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