Just Peachy!

I just got this 32-inch square Peach blanket at Sal’s, the Salvation Army thrift store, for only $1.50 (half-price)!

It’s a single crochet ripple, which makes it heavy for such a small blanket, weighing almost one and a half pounds. Crocheting through the back loop gave it a ribbed texture.

Considering how worn these tassels look, the blanket itself is still in pretty good condition.

It will be fun to see how different this pretty Peach yarn looks once mixed with some other colors, possibly with a couple of shades of blue? Once I say bye-bye to those tassels and find the yarn end, DH will likely do the unraveling for me while he watches a DVD of his choice. Before long there will be a large Peachy addition to my charity stash. Yah!

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4 Responses to Just Peachy!

  1. This color is going to look great with lots of your ripples!

  2. Allyson Gilcrease says:

    That’s a pretty one! And peach is not my favorite color. Can’t wait to see what you make out of it!

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