Crochet Camp

We’re back from a short stay at the Lorraine Park Campground, which is in the Harold Parker State Forest, North Andover, Massachusetts.

DH chose Lorraine mainly because it’s located midway between our two destinations of Salem and Lowell, but also because it’s a very thrifty place to stay! After a $9 reservation fee, it’s only $14 per night, even less for a Massachusetts resident.

We were so excited to use our new Ara six-person Coleman tent for the first time. We bought it just a few weeks ago, when it was on sale at Target for about $79, regularly $139,  now available on-line for $100. Thrifty, yes?! It gets Great reviews at the Target website, BTW.

This is the largest tent, 9′ x 10′, we’ve ever owned.

Funny, we wouldn’t have gotten such a big one except the four-man tent that was on sale didn’t have a rain fly, which we consider crucial for camping comfort. FYI – not only does a well-designed rain fly keep out rain, but it also stops condensation from forming on the tent’s ceiling during cold weather. This new tent, advertised as ‘Bigger, Better, with Room to Stand & Move’ is 68″ at the center, tall enough for six-foot-two DH to stand – with only a slight bend of his neck. lol. That’s far different from the tiny backpacking tent we used during part of our honeymoon in northern Michigan thirty-three years ago (July 1979 – Happy Anniversary, Honey)!

Not only does our new tent have the requisite rain fly, but an over-sized awning/foyer/front porch thingie

and a convenient duffel storage bag as well!

How bourgeois. lol.

This camping trip was also intended as the inaugural use of our “new” lawn chairs (two for $5, tag sale). DH prefers to travel as light as possible, but I told him that my chair was necessary for comfortable crocheting and that a second one wouldn’t take up much more car space. I thought it was very likely that he would find he rather liked sitting on something other than a hard stump or picnic bench!

Still I couldn’t help but imagine that while he packed the chairs he would be thinking, “What’s next… are we going to pack a microwave too?” lol

I also imagined us sitting in our comfortable chairs…

with our beloved thirty-three-year-old Coleman cooler of favorite foods and beverages within easy reach as we relaxed, crocheting and reading, in the shade of the campground’s tall evergreens.

But. unfortunately, staging that photo of DH in our backyard, after our return home, was the only love the lawn chairs saw this week. I think the big black garbage bag that we stored them in must also be an invisibility cloak, because we have no other explanation for how we both managed to overlook them. If only Emily had shown them this much attention as we packed the car – then I’m sure we’d have noticed them too. Yup, there’s always a way to blame anything on the cat! lol.

We may have gone camping without the lawn chairs, but we did remember to bring the essentials,

including my mini scrap granny project.

I didn’t want to risk breaking my pretty yarn bowl by taking it with us…

but it took me awhile to find a crochet container suitable for travel. I wanted something unbreakable, small enough to sit by my feet in the car, yet large enough to hold lots and lots of scrap balls!

One of my elderly uncles gave me these sturdy plastic pails from ice cream several years ago. He was so certain that I would find a use for them in our garden, I just couldn’t say no.

Just last week as I neatened our basement I decided that they had set unused for long enough. I see they have 2006 freshness dates! Could they really have been down there for six years?

I’m glad I realized what great crochet totes they are before they left for the Swap Shack at the town landfill. I am equally thankfully that they’re not all emblazoned with the words ‘Country Fresh’! lol.

I also packed an extra hook and pair of scissors. The scissors are just 2/$1.00 ‘back-to-school sale’ ones, not my favorites. I didn’t want to feel terrible if they decided to stay behind in the woods. Happily, they didn’t – both pairs made it back home.

I suppose most people go to Crochet Camp to learn new skills from famous instructors, but my Crochet Camp was simply about relaxing and doing a little CIP (crocheting in public).

Although, our campsite’s size was so generous, I doubt that even our closest neighbors noticed I was crocheting.

Fun camping jammies, eh?

There were several blue jays who serenaded us every evening until darkness fell and I believe this is the one who woke me at dawn!

Thankfully he left shortly after he sounded reveille and I fell back to sleep until my stomach woke me for breakfast. Crocheting over my cereal isn’t something I do at home, yet it seemed like the natural thing to do each morning while at Crochet Camp. (fresh blueberries from our garden – YUM!)

It’s interesting how your perception of time changes once you relax and stop watching the clock. On this particular morning we didn’t leave the campground until 11:00!

I enjoyed crocheting scrap granny squares while at camp and in the car on the way there and back.

They suddenly look like so many more when they’re no longer Packed in a Pail! lol.

We look forward to camping at Lorraine again some time in August or September. We were given free tickets ($8 each) – Whoot! Whoot! – to the American Textile History Museum, where we can see this Civil War exhibit any time through Nov. 25. No problem there, but we have to choose between the Lowell Quilt Festival, August 9-11 (more info here), the Banjo and Fiddle Competition, Sept. 9 (free!), which is the last Summer Music event for 2012, or the Firing of a Cambodian Wood-burning Kiln, Sept. 22 (also free!), part of the Lowell Folklife Series. The Riverfest is also on Sept 22 (again, free!). Decisions, Decision!! Who knew there would be so much to see and do around Lowell?! We need to make our choice soon so we can reserve a camp site!

If I manage to crochet through all the remaining mini scrap balls, I’m sure there will be another WIP that I can take to the next ‘Crochet Camp’.

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5 Responses to Crochet Camp

  1. Crochet says:

    A nice post!!! I love being frugal too 🙂
    Congrats on your anniversary!!!!

  2. Edith says:

    Enjoyed this post! I see we hold our crochet hooks differently, there is no way I can crochet comfortably holding my hook the way you do, lol. Love all the greenery at the campsite, it’s beautiful.

    • Hi Edith! Glad you liked the camping post – great to hear from you. 🙂

      I think it’s called the knife hold? and just happens to be the way my mom taught me, mmmmm… fifty-some years ago. Didn’t know there was any other way until much more recently! lol.
      How do you hold yours – more like a pencil?

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