Peachy! – Step Two

The idea was that, once I had removed Just Peachy’s tassels (half-price at Sal’s, $1.50) and DH had finished the color-correction on a bunch of new blog photos, we’d watch Bones.

I figured that while we watched DH would unravel Peachy, I would crochet, and Emily, as usual, would…


But once I’d removed the tassels, I figured I might just as well unravel the scalloped borders too. I’d only have to interrupt my crocheting later to seek out the next set of yarn ends. Did I mention that every end was knotted several times?!

Then I thought… if I put juuust the right amount of extra tension on the pretty peach yarn as I wound it into balls, the persistent kinks would be more quickly removed without stretching the yarn. So much for crocheting…

and so much for watching Bones, as we instead turned our attention to Emily who was entirely absorbed in kneading Peachy’s detached tassels!

Who knew yarn bits could provide so much entertainment for cats, let alone people? lol.

By the time the shows were over, both Emily’s and Bones, DH and I had readied twenty ounces of peach yarn for my charity stash…

and Emily had worn herself out!


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5 Responses to Peachy! – Step Two

  1. Verneta says:

    Can’t wait to see Peachy finished into a Blanket of Love!

  2. I just love Emily. ❤ I want to pet her so badly. I've never had a tortie before. My brother brought his long-haired tortie, Lady, when he moved in with us. Unfortunately, she has passed away.

    Bones is a fav of mine, too!

    • Emily’s the third tortie to have found her way to us, but the first long-haired. Her ‘can’t miss’ technique, as a tiny kitten twelve years ago, was to cry pitifully under our bedroom window… in the rain. Unfortunately she still frequently uses the same cry. lol. :S

      Even with nine lives, our sweet feline friends pass far too soon.
      Glad you at least got to meet Lady. – I presume she was a sweetie, since torties usually are.

      re: Bones… we’re enjoying ‘summer reruns’ by getting discs from Netflix. 🙂

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