Midway Adjustments

Here’s Version One of the striping plan I wrote for the Blue and Orange Ripple (badly in need of a ‘real’ name – help!). After a while I’d made so many changes I decided I should start fresh.

What a relief! Version Two is so much clearer to me. LOL!!

Pink highlights show the two-row stripes so I could more easily see if they’re at least somewhat evenly distributed over the length of the blanket. lol.

Yellow highlights mark the middle row of each color. After I crocheted a yellow-marked row I weighed that particular yarn to find out if I’d used more or less than half of it, so I would know if I had enough left to finish the blanket as planned.

I just finished crocheting the last yellow highlighted row.

Having weighed what’s left of each color…

I’ve discovered that I have two ‘extra’ rows worth of both the light orange and the light rust yarns. Yay!

In other news… I’m also at least two rows short on orange! However… I see that the RHSS Pumpkin I just bought is pretty close in color to KolorKraft’s Tangerine… so Yay! again.

Not wanting to make a single abrupt color change, I’ll switch between the two oranges for the rest of the blanket.

There’s a little booo!… I’m at least two rows short on navy, which isn’t so surprising. Think of how much navy yarn got used up in yarn ends because I’m crocheting all single-row stripes with it. If things play out as I think they will, I’ll make it as far as row #80 of The Plan, just a few rows short of my usual 84-row ripple. Not so terrible.

Oh! I can change some of the upcoming one-row orange and rust stripes into two-row ones. Whoo-hoo, I’ll make up for the missing last four rows that way! Scratch out and scribble, scribble.

Now where did I leave that hook?

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8 Responses to Midway Adjustments

  1. Verneta says:

    I appreciate the posting of your “crochet plan” in written form. I’m a visual person and that so helps my brain cells. My plans are to be able to do that — Someday!
    I look at these colors and think “Game Day!” There has to be a sports team out there with these colors. A cheer for “Yeah, Linda. Another great blanket! Go, Linda!” Another cheer: “Yeah, foster program. Another child wrapped in love!”

    • So glad that my planning posts give you some helpful ideas. It takes a little experimenting, but I’m sure you’ll figure out a great way to chart a ripple… the way that works best for you!

      Thank You!! Thank You!! I like the name ‘Game Day!’ very much! Now I’m prepared for this ripple’s Ta-Dah post.

      Thank you so much for being one of my cheerleaders too!! 😀

  2. CrochetQueen says:

    I’m really loving the colors of this ripple. And incidentally, can I ask you how you got that Ravelry button? Did you find it on Ravelry or did you make it yourself? I’m so jealous!

  3. I love that, amidst the creativity, you have this almost-scientific approach to your projects. Very well-planned! (perhaps I should invest in a decent weighing scale… though I’m not as prolific as you are. =) ~ karen

    • HAhaha – You’re so Right!! This sounds an awful lot like a scientific experiment!!

      Let’s see: 1. Identify a problem – I have very little yarn to spare for this project 2. Create a hypothesis – If I estimate that I’ll get 3 1/3 ripple rows out of a ounce of every yarn I use, I am likely to run out of some colors and have extra of others. 3. Create an experiment/collect data – made a chart using the 3 1/3 row estimate and planned to weigh all yarns at mid-point in project. 4. Analyze Data – used more than half of some yarns, less than half of others 5. Conclusion – not every yarn yields 3 1/3 ripple rows per ounce, but I can readjust my striping plan and crochet on! LOL!! 😀

      A scale does come in handy! I think once you start using one several fibrous uses will occur to you… like dividing a yarnball in half so you can easily make socks, mittens, or sleeves of matching length while also using up all the yarn!

  4. Verneta says:

    Linda … Do you have a picture of this afghan laid out on the carpet? If not, no problem! I’m going to take your “crochet plan” and compare it to the completed blanket. That way I can see how your plan comes to fruition and hopefully figure out a plan of action that works for my brain cells! Ha!

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