Many Mushrooms

As often happens when working on a scrap project, I have plenty of some shades and not nearly enough of others, so I’ve pulled some skeins from my stash to fill the largest gaps.

The most unusual is Mary Maxim’s All Seasons ‘Tweed’, which I recently got at Sal’s for 50 cents (half-price sale).

It’s not really a tweed at all, having no slubs or flecks, but rather a marled yarn made of different colored strands twisted together. Two of its four plies are cream and each of the other two have looong neutral color changes, perfect for mushrooms!

Less interesting, but no less necessary, are RHSS ‘Coffee’ (dark brown) and ‘Cafe’ (light brown).

Thanks to these three new yarns I’ve finished crocheting all of what I call my
‘dark’ mushrooms.

I’ve just started making light ones.

I’m happily using up many light scrap balls!

These sizable scrap balls of Red Heart Super Saver ‘Aran Fleck’ would have been more than enough if I only wanted to crochet squares, but finding a matching six-ounce skein in stash has made it an interesting candidate for granny’s border or lattice.

BTW – I would call this yarn a tweed because, true to its name, ‘Aran Fleck’ is loaded with black, grey, brown and tan flecks!

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4 Responses to Many Mushrooms

  1. Verneta says:

    What a great combination of various colors that will come together like a beautiful puzzle. Thanks for the inspiration! I just need to go through my stash and “copy” your great ideas! HaPPY DaY to you LiNDa!

    • Yes, this one’s a puzzle for my brain alright… how to make something that’s completely cream, tan and brown look interesting! I’m so used to working with CoLoRs!! lol.

      Hope you’re having a Great weekend. 🙂

  2. Bettina says:

    mmm … delicious! makes me want to dive into your box of squares and get to joining!!!

    • ” mmm … delicious! ” – you must as fond of Mushrooms as we are!! I just made turkey swiss cheeseburgers that we smothered with sauteed mushrooms. Yummmmmm! 🙂

      No-no, no joining til I get the box of light squares finished.

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