Halloween’s Coming!

When I saw a store already had a display of Halloween decorations up in July, I thought it was simply wrong! Halloween displays shouldn’t come before Back-to-School displays, should they?

Still, I was wise enough to take the hint and I got my new five-piece Halloween crayon sets (black cat, green witch, star, jack o’lantern and purple bat) bagged, tagged and tied early!!

It felt great to have made enough to fill a Big (size 11 1/2) shoe box!

This week I left them in the charity drop-box at the library. My fun Halloween Crayons will be included in gift bags given to foster children during September and October. Yay!

Let me be the first to wish you a HaPpY Halloween!

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2 Responses to Halloween’s Coming!

  1. Verneta says:

    Now that’s organization! Always better to be ahead of the game than to arrive as everyone is leaving! Those foster children have no idea what treat lies ahead of them. 🙂

    • Yes, I’m learning to think farther ahead. My crayons have to pass through a few more adult hands before they get to the kids; must allow extra time for that.

      Someone gave me the idea of using plastic Easter eggs as crayon molds! I’ve been experimenting – want to get rid of the big ridge left by the ‘seam’ between the eggs’ two halves. I took a paring knife after one, but that left a dull stripe around the egg’s mid-section. ugh. Thankfully, I have lots of time to find a solution before Easter. lol.

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