Purple Baby

Usually I think of solid-colored afghans as a fine source of yarn for my charity stash! lol.

And usually I think a 36-inch square afghan needs to be enlarged.

But sometimes a solid-colored 36-inch square afghan should be left exactly as it is!

I paid $4.99 for Purple Baby at a little local thrift store. That’s more than I usually pay for such a small blanket, but as the store clerk reminded me, the yarn to make it would cost at least that much, and I know she’s right… a pound of baby yarn (how much Purple Baby weighs) would definitely cost more than $4.99 at full retail, not that I’d ever pay that much. lol.

But, rather than discuss the possible cost of its yarn any further, I prefer to simply CeLeBrAtE my great find!! I got a baby blanket that’s in pristine condition, crocheted of a lovely purple fingering weight yarn and finished with a beautifully coordinated border!

Come fall, when blanket collection resumes, I will donate it along with the pile of my patiently waiting ripples. A foster baby will enjoy the snuggly-soft purple warmth this winter.

BTW – I also found a like-new pair of Halston denim capris that fit me wonderfully, $5.50, proof that popping into a thrift store for ‘just a minute’ can turn into a big win-win-win, for the charity shop’s coffers, for a foster baby, and for me!

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3 Responses to Purple Baby

  1. Crochet says:

    That is so thoughtful of you. The blanket is beautiful and perfect and yes if I had spent time making it I would charge $100 at least 🙂

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