2012 Ripple #38 – Surf and Sand

When I was knitting all those wooly neckwarmers back in May I discovered a small unlabeled skein of this pretty blue acrylic mistakenly tucked in my box of charity wools. That prompted me to dig out the remaining blue and brown variegated yarn that I harvested from a thrift store afghan almost a year ago. I just had to see whether they matched!

Pretty close, I’d say!

Obviously unlabeled, I can only guess that the variegated is either RHSS ‘Earth and Sky’ or TLC ‘Surf and Turf . I have no idea what the blue might be.

It wasn’t until I gathered Red Heart Super Saver Coffee, Cafe and Aran for my Mushroom Granny that I realized I had all the colors of yarn I needed for a ‘Surf and Sand’ ripple. I’m hoping Mushroom won’t be jealous that I swiped some of its yarn to create such a pretty blanket! lol.

11,862 stitches – 1,178,251 donated since Jan. 2011

While speedily crocheting this ripple I made a small mistake accidentally made a change in its striping pattern. How sharp is your eyesight? Can you spot it? I’ll point it out at the end of the post.*

I especially like the bright blue stripes I put on the ends! They weren’t part of my original plan, but I couldn’t resist adding them when I saw that I had enough blue yarn left to do at least two more rows.

With only a small blue scrap ball remaining, I then crocheted one and two-round granny squares I’ll add to the collection I started at Crochet Camp.

P.S. DH says this ripple’s brown stripes remind him of the dried brown seaweed that collects at the high-tide mark. It’s featured in this beautiful photo, which I found while Googling for an image of ‘brown seaweed on the beach’. You can read about it in the Puerto Rican blog, Ola Lola’s Garden Bar. (Scroll down to the third post.)

*The blue stripe with the red mark is narrower than any of the other blue stripes.

Maybe this difference was obvious to you or maybe you simply felt there was something off as your eyes failed to settle while looking at this ripple. Even though I held it in my lap for hours while crocheting on it, I didn’t notice any thing until I smoothed it out to take pictures. Then I sat staring… until I suddenly understood!

How can one blue stripe be narrower than the rest? After all they are all single-row stripes. Well…

A single-row stripe is narrower when seen from its front-side than when seen from its back-side!

The ripple’s beginning row is on the right. When I added the first extra mocha row (right red mark) it changed the front/back orientation of the rows that follow it. This is practically hidden until you get to the blue stripe (center red mark), which is clearly narrower than all the other blue stripes. The front/back issue resolved itself once I did the second extra mocha row (left red mark), so the next blue stripe is back to ‘normal’ width.

What’s my point? I don’t think I have one, lol… other than to share some quirky crochet trivia!

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6 Responses to 2012 Ripple #38 – Surf and Sand

  1. Renee (RBUTKA62 on Raverly). says:

    Once again another beautiful ripple!

  2. Allyson Gilcrease says:

    Beautiful!! I never noticed the thinner stripe. It’s not even noticeable!

  3. Sandi S says:

    Hello! I stumbled upon your wonderful site by accident but have already clicked the link to follow you!! I absolutely love your color choices. I have recently begun a Ripple Romance myself and am amazed at how quickly I can make a full afghan!! I also have a group that crochets and knits for charity so I was quite happy to discover the pattern – which looks almost identical to your original ripple – not the “wiggly” one. I can’t wait for new posts – keep up the great work! Sandi S in Maryland

    • Hi Sandi in Maryland! Welcome to alottastitches ~

      I just loooove playing with colors, and yarn!… I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog. What fun you can have looking through all the old posts/projects. 🙂

      Making projects for charity is so satisfying, isn’t it!?

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