Planning a Rugby Ripple

You may remember that in my excitement over starting the Game Day! ripple…

I ‘stole’ the entire ten ounces of navy yarn I’d originally set aside for a ‘rugby shirt’ ripple.

Hoping to find a replacement, I recently delved into the charity stash boxes. Only finding navy yarns in smaller amounts, I came up with the oh-so-clever solution of alternating stripes made from two different navies. I expect to use all six ounces of Caron One Pound ‘Midnight Blue’ and the entire seven ounce skein of RHSS ‘Soft Navy’.

By making the orange stripes narrower then the navy ones, I can get by with just one seven-ounce skein of RHSS ‘Carrot’.

I thought that, traditionally, a rugby shirt’s wide stripes were all be the same width, but this collection of Google rugby shirt images, which could also give me many color-combos for future ripples, shows that, while matching width stripes do seem to be the norm, an exception can sometimes be found. What a relief – my ripple won’t violate any rugby ‘rules’! lol.

So, my rugby ripple will have three rows of RHSS ‘Soft Navy’ or ‘Midnight Blue’, followed by one of RHSS ‘Aran’, then two rows of RHSS ‘Carrot’ followed by another of ‘Aran’…

and so on.

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2 Responses to Planning a Rugby Ripple

  1. JudyR says:

    Here are school colors for all UK colleges, in case you want to expand your field of temptation:

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