2012 Ripple #40 – Mocha at Midnight

I’m going to have to buy more RHSS ‘Coffee’ to replace the unknown brown yarn that I stole from the Mushroom Granny project. What can I say… it was the perfect shade of cool brown to go with the mocha! I’m sure you understand.

They obviously belong together!

This vintage mocha yarn was named simply ‘Brown’ by the American Thread Company. It was part of their Glencastle Heather line, which carried the slogan, “A Touch of the Glens”. ??

I unraveled the lighter blue from a chenille thrift store sweater some time ago.

DH is deeply in love with this ripple. I should know better than to let him see any charity ripples that I make with blues and browns. He’d like to keep every one of them!

10,418 stitches – 1,200,531 donated since Jan. 2011

As for me, I love the lightest colored yarn, taupe? Not because of its color, but because it’s fluffy, without being splitty, and very smooth, without being shiny. I fully enjoyed working my way through several hand-rolled balls of it. Sadly, I don’t know it’s brand name and now all I have left are these few mini scrap balls. sigh.

I will wring every last bit of enjoyment from them as I crochet some tiny one-round granny squares for mini-scrap grannies.

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4 Responses to 2012 Ripple #40 – Mocha at Midnight

  1. I like this one, too! Perfect for a teen. Could the lighter brown be Vanna’s Choice in taupe? Vanna is soft but substantial. My fav!

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