2012 #41 – Rugby Ripple

My striping plan for Rugby Ripple was so simple, I quickly and confidently crocheted row after row, stripe after stripe, completely unaware. . .

of the suspense and drama to come in Rugby’s last eight rows.

I finished crocheting the last Midnight Blue row with only this much yarn to spare!


as if that hadn’t been exciting enough, lol,

my skein of Carrot ran out with only 24 stitches to go!

Luckily, I had another skein in my charity stash and swiping 24 stitches from it won’t ruin plans for a future Peachy Ripple with Carrot stripes.

The next issue was whether one ounce of RHSS Soft Navy…

would be enough to crochet Rugby’s final three rows.

I knew that I didn’t have any more Soft Navy in stash. I also knew, from having weighed and counted the rows of many finished ripples, that one ounce of Red Heart Super Saver yarn should make three rows, but, I have been fooled by yarns before.

I’m so happy to say that Soft Navy was a nice yarn and didn’t pull any tricks on me. I have exactly twenty-one inches of it left to play with, along with my remaining bit of Midnight Blue.

I get such great pleasure from pulling an afghan out of the clutches of the yarn imps!

I believe these ‘playful’ little creatures would like nothing better than to sabotage every single one of our projects through the lack of a mere yard or two of yarn!!

It was mighty close, but Rugby and I won this time. HEEhee!

11,862 stitches – 1,212,393 donated since Jan. 2011

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2 Responses to 2012 #41 – Rugby Ripple

  1. Sandi says:

    OOOOHHH – it’s beautfiful. I sure wish my present project would cooperate like yours did!! Sadly – because I didn’t plan out my pattern as well as I thought (I am quite mathmatically challenged) I either have to make it too small (which I won’t since it’s to be a gift for a work friend) or too large – which to me is always preferable to too small. I will try to do better next time and follow your magnificent lead!! Sandi in Maryland.

    • Thank You, Sandi! I like my Rugby too!

      Ah, I think Robert Burns said it so well, “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray”
      Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a project just gets the better of us.
      But you’ve already figured out a way to make yours work, which is all that matters in the end.
      If any of those close-calls in the last few rows of Rugby hadn’t worked out the way they did, I would have written about my ‘interesting’ save.
      And your friend will never know that you intended your project to be a bit smaller, shhhh, our secret. 🙂

      As for following my lead, thank you for the Very Nice compliment, but it is far from magnificent or perfect. That’s why I admit my mistakes and boo-boos on the blog, so everyone sees that I make ’em too. We all do. But, thankfully, they are very seldom BIG enough to ruin a project. Many a ‘design feature’ was originally a @#*!% mistake! LOL.

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