Some Light Mushrooms

I’m making slooooow progress on my light mushroom granny squares (just the first column on the left).

For some reason crocheting one cream square after another has quickly lost its charm. . . yawn.

Can you say ‘tedious’?

If only I’d thought to alternate between crocheting small batches of dark squares and light squares. At least that would have been a little more ExCiTiNg! lol.

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9 Responses to Some Light Mushrooms

  1. daniellajoe says:

    Hello Linda, I know what you mean the same pattern over and over is not fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Verneta says:

    Even though it may be some tedious work with alas … no brighter colors …. the end result will be so worth it. It will all come together. I for one cannot wait to see the completed afghan. It will be a beautiful creation!

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement!

      I’m plugging along, but these beige squares just aren’t ‘talking’ to me. I never hear them say, “Linda, you know we’re your favorites. It will be okay if you come spend some more time with us today.” HAha.

      Someone’s earlier comment about throwing in some red to bring this project alive has got me thinkin’ – maybe I’ll join the squares with burgundy. What do you think? But guess then I’d need to give it a new name. Got any ideas for that?

      • Verneta says:

        I have to admit … before I “met” you I never thought of “naming” my blankets, but have come to like that idea very much. They become part of you with every stitch. When I saw your “Light Mushrooms,” the various shades of coffee with cream/milk was my first thought. I like the idea of burgundy as it will unite all the squares. With that said, “Cherry Mocha” is what comes to mind. (I’m not sure if any other color besides burgundy would work.) Will let you know if I think of something else. What name are you thinking of? Hang in there …. spring is just around the corner!

      • The blanket names help me remember every blanket’s personality, something that Ripple #42, for example, just can’t do. HAha.

        Mmmm, ‘Cherry Mocha’, sounds delicious! I hadn’t come up with any name ideas of my own yet. I’ll let you know if something occurs to me. I think I may have Blanket-Naming Fatigue Syndrome, BNFS for short. ROFL!!

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