In the Berry Patch

I want you to know that sometimes I do something other than play with yarn.

Sometimes. . .

I pick berries. Lots of them!

Since we’re well past the peak of the blackberry season, the majority of the berries are no longer the Monstrously Huge ones that make those first few pickings of the year so much fun.

But I still get a few. Just think of how fast I could fill a pint basket with lovelies of this size!

Whatever their size, every blackberry in our freezer will be deeply appreciated come winter! YUM!!

As the blackberry season wanes, the golden-yellow raspberry season builds.

Since we still have some of last year’s in our freezer, we plan to eat most of this year’s harvest fresh. This could still be a challenge for the two of us, because, even though our patch of golden raspberries is smaller than that of our blackberries, there are many luscious berries to come!

Their harvest often lasts through the second week of October.

I’m never completely alone while picking berries. A friendly hummingbird or two may flit about my head. Sometimes a catbird calls out, well-hidden in one of the nearby trees and gold finches tend to twitter while in flight. I may get to see a hawk slowly and silently circling high overhead.

This year I also have several friends who hang out right in the berry bushes with me!

If you’d rather not get any closer than this to a spider. . .

I understand. I even kept this one behind the bird netting, so he can’t get to you.

But I’m warning you. . . there are some spidey close-ups coming up.

Maybe it will help if you pretend that they’re plastic toy spiders.

The center of this one’s web looks an awful lot like the zig-zag join I’m using on the Thrifty Granny. And he doesn’t even need a crochet hook to make it!

What? Don’t you think about crochet when you see garden spiders? HAha.

What a magnificent-looking spider!! It’s color, markings and Size are all remarkable. This image is life-size. YIKES.

When DH tried to get a ruler close enough to measure, spidey pulled in his legs, but he was at least two inches (5 cm) long when they were fully extended.

There are two more of these Big Boys over in the bean patch and one among our tomatoes. At first I was quite intimidated and would flinch whenever they moved, but, now that I realize they always run away from me, never toward, I’m getting more comfortable with having them around.

I’m still not ready to actually touch them! shudder. But at least I’ve come to appreciate this silent and ever-vigilant crew that’s hard at work in our garden. They picnic on grasshoppers, hornets and flies, naming only what I’ve been able to identify in their webs.

As for me, I prefer nibbling on berries.

P.S. Yesterday, Wanda Hanson in Illinois featured the same kind of spider in her quilting blog, Exuberant Color. But I’m pretty sure the post’s title, My Sept 6 Visitor, refers to her quilting friend, Mary, not the spider.

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