My apologies to those of you who have already read this post. It ‘unexpectedly’, haha, went live for a few hours last Friday morning. Guess I hit the wrong button. :S

I ran into ACMoore the other day with a 50% off JoAnns coupon – did you know that both stores accept the other’s coupons? – just to grab a skein of ‘Aruba’, the new Red Heart Super Saver color that JoAnns doesn’t carry. Unfortunately, ACMoore will only let you use one coupon per person per day, so I expected that to be the end of my big shopping spree. lol.

But on the way back to my car, I nearly ran into a large wire bin filled with brightly colored plastic Sand Pails. . . on clearance for 50¢ each! What an unexpected delight!! Knowing that these will be needed at next year’s End-of-School Celebration for the younger foster kids, I quickly picked out twenty-four, checking that each pail still had its shovel attached. Every sand pail should come with a shovel!

As I spun around to go back into the store and pay, I was expecting to wait in another long line, but it just so happened that they were opening a new register, aaaand I was invited to be first in its line! Yay!

I don’t suppose it hurt that I was carrying a stack of twenty-four brightly colored Sand Pails! teehee.

Just a couple of miles down the road at JoAnns, I got a few more skeins of RHSS, one each of Lemon, Tea Leaf and Cafe, and two of Coffee – can’t seem to get enough coffee lately, even though I never drink the stuff, lol – all purchased with 40 or 50% coupons.

Once home from errands and having put away the groceries (must not let frozens thaw or  colds go warm), I emailed the charity’s leader to tell about the pail sale and the aprox. 150 still in the bin! I hope she, or some other group member, will take further advantage of the great price. After all, $$ saved on pails means more $$ available for summer toys to fill them!

I almost forgot – I also got a skein of RHSS Burgundy at Sal’s for 99¢. It must be rather old because it weighs eight ounces, rather than the new seven, and its label boasts of “Proven Bounce-Back Fibers”, not a term I’m used to seeing!

There were a couple unexpected extras tucked inside it.

The rather fine (no size label) crochet hook is slightly flexible plastic. I wonder how that will affect crocheting with it.

The lone wooden ‘knitting needle’ is short, just six inches long. I suspect it’s a simple shawl pin. At least that’s how I plan to use it! I’d like to add a decorative old button to its flat little wooden head.

Hmmm, maybe this means I should crochet/knit myself a shawl.

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2 Responses to Unexpected

  1. These colors are so pretty, and they all seem to bounce back pretty well! teehee!

    • Every time I see that photo of my little RHSS haul I think those colors would make a real pretty ripple. 🙂

      I won’t be testing their bounce factor, but I do notice that some of the new colors are significantly softer!

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