Mini-Scrap Progress

I’m happy to report that not only do I have the minimum of 150 granny squares finished, 75 each of one-round and two-round squares, that I need for a ten square by fifteen square granny afghan, but I have many more! YAY!!

So I picked out the squares that looked best with the Light Yellow Green background color…

and then narrowed them down to 176, enough for a little larger blanket, eleven squares by sixteen squares, which I thought would end up about 38″ x 56″. I say ‘about’ because I expected that it would probably draw in a little since I’m joining my grannies as-I-go.

Sure enough – a row of eleven 3 1/2″ squares, which you would expect to measure 38 1/2″ (11 x 3 1/2″ = 38 1/2″) is more like 35 1/2″, which is fine as that’s about the same width as my ‘every week’ ripples. I’ll be adding a border of some kind.

This project is going incredibly fast! I’m already over half-way done with the joining, working on row nine out of sixteen. The green Red Heart Soft yarn is very nice to work with. Although 100% acrylic, it’s smooth without being slippery, reminding of some bamboo blend yarns.

Even more surprising – I’ve been dutifully weaving in the yarn tails as-I-go, so they won’t be able to taunt me at the end!

I think I’ve already decided which colors I’d like to include in the border. . .

Olive Green, Bright Purple and Pink, the colors that stand out most.

However…  I don’t think I have any Olive Green or Bright Purple in my charity stash and my reliable friend, RHSS, doesn’t offer either shade. Hmmmmm.

I have seven more rows to join-as-I-go while I ponder this predicament.

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10 Responses to Mini-Scrap Progress

  1. Allyson Gilcrease says:

    Girl, you are my hero!! I just can’t even imagine the work that went into that!! You are beyond awesome!!

    • You’re so funny! I’ve never been someone’s crochet hero before! 😀

      Making all those little one and two-round grannies didn’t become tedious cuz most of them were done as ‘car crocheting’ or while camping. Plus, there’s just something so delightful in making ‘something’ out of ‘nothing’. Mini-scrap balls – they’re pretty close to nothing!

  2. tracie says:

    I love this, how beautiful! And to think all this time I have just been throwing my bits and pieces out. No more!! Thank you for such a great idea!

  3. Bettina says:

    Ahh yes, weaving in ends as you go … I always plan on it and never achieve it. Well done you. As for the border … the teal green might be nice, if you have enough of course 🙂

    • Whether done all at once or in tiny bits, Ends still = Ughs! But at least this way the blanket won’t go into hibernation waiting for me to eventually get around to weaving them. 🙂

      Teal Green – I’ll keep it in mind! Thanks.

  4. Verneta says:

    I always weave my ends in as I go…always. I guess it’s part of my OCD. For me it takes less than a minute and overall never seems like an overwhelming task at the end. Great job, Linda!!!

  5. Good job on weaving those ends! I’ve done it both ways, but on a project like this w.a.y.g. seems like the best bet. VERY pretty granny afghan! Can’t wait to see it bordered…. what will Linda come up with? 🙂

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