Reviving the Thrifty Granny Project

I kind of forgot about this afghan having stowed the poor thing in a box on a shelf high overhead. Out of sight, out of mind, I suppose. I shared this progress shot, with only three lengthwise joins and the border left to do, in November 2011!

I’m still charmed by Thrifty’s Scrappy Happy look, but, Wow, I’d forgotten how that single RED square stands out, as does the Bright Yellow one! lol.

Working on Thrifty Granny again will be like getting reacquainted with an old friend. I had to refer to this old blog post to find out how many chains I made in its zig-zag joins… three, as it turns out.

I’ll soon be ready to add a border. As usual, I’ll start with a round of the same color as I used to frame the granny squares, in this case, black. Then I’m going to do a round of red granny clusters. After that, who knows?!

I bought this unfinished project, which included these granny squares and plenty of coordinating yarn, as part of a $4 bag sale at a thrift store. The large ball of yellow on the left seems to be screaming to be part of the border, but I don’t know. The royal blue, pink, white and light blue balls of yarn also look large enough to become border rounds.

I want to finish this blanket quickly, before it can slip back into hibernation!

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2 Responses to Reviving the Thrifty Granny Project

  1. I agree with you on that bright yellow ball! The royal blue, too. Pick me! Pick me! How fun!

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