HUGE Progress on Mushrooms!

At long last. . . I have finished crocheting the lighter-colored mushroom squares. YAY!

Which means ALL of the mushroom squares, both light and dark, are done. YAY, again! And I have about 235 of ’em, more than enough for a 12 square by 18 square blanket, which takes 216. It’s grand to have a few squares to spare!

I am so anxious to see how my checkerboard layout is going to look!

First I put down the dark squares with the darkest ones at the blanket’s outer edge and spiraling counter-clockwise inwards. The squares gradually got lighter as I went.

Then I added the light squares, also putting the darkest ones at the blanket’s outer edge and spiraling counter-clockwise inwards.

I think the very lightest squares at the center of my checkerboard are a little too white, but I can easily crochet four more out of the next darker cream to replace them. Luckily, I have more of that particular yarn.

But first I pinned a paper tag on every square with a letter for the row and a number for the column. For example, I tagged the square at the upper left corner, A-1. The square to its right are A-2, A-3, etc., while the squares directly below A-1 are B-1 (upside down tag), C-1 (also upside down), etc.

Only after they were boxed and out of the reach of a certain playful cat did I relax!

While I crochet those four replacement squares, I’ll think about how I’m going to handle joining mushroom squares of quite different sizes – caused by using slightly different weights of scrap yarn.

Boy, I’ve never had to worry about this particular problem when I make a ripple! lol. Since I used up so many scrap balls, I can’t just go back and add a single or half-double crochet round to the smallest squares, which would have been a rather simple solution.

HAha. . . Guess who forgot about all the, let’s see. . . 432 yarn ends that need to be worked in?! shaking head. Well, if I do that step next, instead of leaving it until the end, it’ll give me more time to think of a solution. Maybe it’s not such a big deal, as long as those two particular squares in the photo, the very smallest and largest ones, don’t end up right next to each other. Yeah, I’m sure that’ll work. . . probably. lol.

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6 Responses to HUGE Progress on Mushrooms!

  1. Verneta says:

    Hi, Linda. I really like how it is darker on the outside and spirals to the lighter in the middle. Are you using the burgandy to join them? For example, you could use a smaller hook for the burgandy round on the “bigger” squares and a larger hook for the burgandy round on the “smaller” squares. That “might” make up for the difference in size. Just a thought. This is why I take the few seconds at the end and weave my ends in as I go … me and my OCD. Ha! Happy day to you!

  2. Just love it! I really like reading about the process you take to create your works of art. I find it so interesting and informative!

    Would a jayg method work for different size squares? I’m just now learning this method on a blanket I’m making so I don’t have a lot of experience with it.

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with, and how awesome this is going to look!

    • ‘jayg’ – first I thought this was a big typo and then I wondered what new method Jay G. was known for. Finally the light bulb glowed, although dimly, and I recognized Join As You Go. D’oh! lol.

      I’m only joining my second granny, the Mini Scrap, with ‘jayg’, so I don’t know if it would work or not. I suppose it would help to add a chain stitch or two at each join for extra ease when connecting a small square. Must experiment. Thanks for the idea!

      This blanket design is slowly developing as I go; glad to hear you already know it’s going to be awesome! 😀

  3. Ooh, there you go again with your organized, scientific methods. I just love it. It’s looking great! Good luck with the ends (my least favorite part)!

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