Announcing a Ripple Crochet-A-Long

Marie Segares, crochet designer and author of the Underground Crafter blog, is leading a month-long CAL called. . . get ready. . . Ripple Mania! Now please try to imagine that announced in a very dramatic rolling bass ‘radio voice’. . . Ripple.! Mania.! Doesn’t the name alone make you want to get involved!? But wait. . . there’s more! lol

There are going to be free ripple patterns each week! – beginning next Wednesday, Oct. 24. You don’t have to be a Ravelry member to download the pdf (updated weekly on the CAL’s Ravelry pattern page), although I have no idea why you wouldn’t want to become part of Ravelry’s community, if you aren’t already – there’s so much wonderful information and inspiration being shared there! Be sure to get the patterns early because on Nov. 21, when the CAL ends, they will all convert to a “for sale” pattern e-book.

Please don’t be misled by all this talk of patterns. This special ripple CAL is about much more than just patterns, free or otherwise! It also covers how to choose a color palette (in this week’s pdf) and design ripple variations, photo tutorials and much more. I’m excited that some of my ripples are in Ripple Mania’s Inspiration Gallery, which is overflowing with ideas! Check out the full schedule of ripple topics here on Marie’s blog or on the Underground Crafter group’s discussion thread where Ravelry members are already chatting about the CAL.

Can you believe this will be my first CAL?! I say it’s About Time! lol. I’ve crocheted for only. . . how long now?. . . forty-five plus years?!

I hope you’ll be joining with me!

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10 Responses to Announcing a Ripple Crochet-A-Long

  1. Verneta says:

    Hi, Linda …. Thank you for posting this. I had not come across this group yet. How exciting this will be to folllow along. A rippling you will go! Hi ho the derry o, a rippling you (and many others) will go! A fun time for sure!

  2. daniellajoe says:

    Fun, enjoy!!! And congratulations!!!

  3. Renee says:

    This sounds interesting, I just might join. Yipee!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the links to the CAL, Linda – and for being such a ripple inspiration!

  5. I’ll be joining you on the ripple ride over at Underground! I’m really enjoying the step by step process Marie is taking us through.

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