When it Rains, it Pours. . . Yarn!

Although I’ve shopped at the local historical society’s fall tag sale several times before, this is the first year I’ve donated boxes of ‘stuff’ for them to sell. When I made my delivery I asked the energetic volunteers, all busy sorting ‘treasures’, if they’d gotten much yarn among this year’s donations. “None so far.” was their disappointing answer, but I remained hopeful; there were ten more days until the sale.

Insert your imaginary image here of about twenty people forming a perimeter around a small parking lot filled with furniture, a dozen banquet tables filled with precious breakable treasures, plus many boxes and piles of assorted goodies!

Sorry, it didn’t even occur to me to take my camera, let alone use it. (Bad Blogger. lol.)

As I waited for a nearby church’s bell to ring nine, the signal to start shopping, a helpful volunteer pointed out the craft supply area to me, particularly The Yarn. Yippee! Someone had eventually donated some yarn!!

I made fast tracks at the first peal! Only after I’d gathered up all the large skeins and balls did I start peering into several plastic bags filled with assorted scraps. I was soon emphatically told I would not be allowed to select from among their contents – I had to buy complete bags. Yikes! Picking out the best hadn’t entered my mind, but I simply smiled and nodded, no need to irritate a newly-found yarn buddy.

Well. . . there weren’t any large WIPs in the bags and I own plenty of mini-scrap balls already, so I settled for my already ample haul. . .

of four pounds of acrylic yarns. . . for $4.50!

Added to last week’s RHSS from AC Moore, that’s nearly ten pounds of ‘new’ yarn for my charity stash. YIPPEE!!

But I wasn’t done.

I couldn’t resist stopping in at the local thrift, only a couple of blocks away. I didn’t find any more skeins of yarn there, but I did grab two hand-knits for the pound and a half of yarn they hold.

Wool-Ease ‘Chestnut Heather’ and Caron Simply Soft ‘Pistachio’, or possibly ‘Cypress’?

For just $4.00 I could fill stuff a plastic grocery bag with clothing, so I also got two wool skirts for rug hooking fabric,

and two XXL shirts, which I’ve already cut apart, for quilt fabric. See how nicely they coordinate! I think there’s more than enough fabric here for the front of a patchwork baby quilt, but I may be tempted to add a peach and blue print of some kind. . . if I have a suitable one in stash.

I was able to cram in neatly fold and add two short-sleeved button-down shirts for DH, as well as Rider jeans and a blue silk L.L.Bean turtleneck ($45 retail!) for myself – an especially nice find!

A few days later my sister visited, bringing two more pounds of yarn for my charity stash, including this very pretty teal, which Wintuk calls ‘Dark Persian’ and enough WonderArt Christmas Knitting Yarn from Frank’s Nursery to crochet two or three very festive blankets! Thanks, Sis!

That brought my recent yarn acquisitions up to thirteen and a half pounds, enough for nine ripples. Nine ripples means nine weeks of charity crocheting. For the briefest of moments I considered whether this meant that I should stop buying charity yarns for at least nine weeks, but then I realized nine weeks only takes me as far as Christmas! Feeling rather like a squirrel stowing away nuts for the looong winter ahead, I’m going to keep watching for great yarn deals!

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6 Responses to When it Rains, it Pours. . . Yarn!

  1. Allyson Gilcrease says:

    WooHoo!! What a haul! U rock girlfriend! I have some of that Red Heart Plush in my stash. It makes the “squishiest” afghans! I’ve almost used it all, and I’m sad to see the last of it go.

    • Yeah, there’s nothing to lift the heart like a good yarn haul! HAha.

      I’ve never crocheted with Plush before, but I sure like the idea of adding a few ‘squishy’ rows to a blanket. It’s fun to mix different textures of yarn!

  2. Verneta says:

    You go girl! I have the belief that if it’s a great yarn deal I’ll buy it no matter how much yarn I have. It just may be the right color for the next project! Can you ever have too much yarn? I think not! Ha!

    • I was right there with you for the longest time, Verneta, until my charity stash and personal stash seriously overflowed with over twenty boxes in the attic plus shelves and several storage bins downstairs! Then the concept of STABLE, Stash Totally Above and Beyond Life Expectancy, became clear to me. It’s been a struggle, but I’ve actually managed to shrink my charity stash a little this year – my personal stash. . . not so much. sigh.

  3. robinbrz says:

    Hi Linda!
    I’m stopping over by way of Marie at Underground Crafter!
    I’m joining in the Ripple CAL on Ravelry. I haven’t selected a project yet, but I’m thrilled to see all of the wonderful ripples you have. I’m also so happy to see you unashamedly use acrylic yarns! In fact you flaunt those wonderful colors! In the blogging world it so often seems like people are not willing to admit they use these yarns. I’m not sure why. I guess I’d love to always be able to use natural fibers that are hand spun and custom dyed, but that’s just not my reality! I live in a small town with limited resources and a very limited budget! If it weren’t for acrylics I probably couldn’t afford to crochet! So hurray for acrylics and the crafters who use them!!
    See ya round the CAL!

    • Hello Robin ~
      Thank you so much for dropping in and leaving such a thoughtful comment!

      Yes, I use lots of acrylic yarn and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I don’t even use the best of acrylics, choosing instead to rely on the ‘work horse’ of affordable acrylics, RHSS, and whatever other inexpensive acrylics that come my way. It’s not that I don’t enjoy using natural fibers, even hand spun and custom dyed ones, lol, but the ripples I make for the foster kids must be, machine washable and durable, hopefully carefree. My practical side, which says acrylic is the obvious answer, also delights in making FUN colorful blankets for a small price!

      As far as low-cost natural fibers, have you ever considered thrift store/tag sale sweaters as a source? It’s pretty easy to get wool yarns this way, but sometimes alpaca, fine merino and cashmere can also be found at a very small fraction of LYS prices! The Unravelers group in Ravelry has been a great inspiration to me with lots of before and after pics of sweaters to be unraveled and what was knit from the yarn.

      I must warn you though, unraveling is addictive. I offer my personal stash as proof and it continues to grow – I just bought a handknit wool cardigan to unravel even though I have absolutely no plans for the yarn, but I have such ‘logical’ reasons to justify the purchase, so it’s O.K. lol. – 1. it was $2.50. $2.50 for a sweater’s worth of wool!, 2. a faire isle mix of three natural colors, 3. double strand, so it’s actually dk or sport weight, which is rather rare 4. made in nepal = cool, and 5. neat ceramic buttons.

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