2012 Ripple #47 – Inspired by a Scarf

I excitedly went through my charity yarn stash pulling out yarns to match the colors in this little scarf photo.

I ended up with a surprising amount of Red Heart Super Saver: Coffee, Burgundy, Ecru, Buff, and Light Raspberry! But I also used three unknown yarns, the pale pink, mint and sage green.

I started crocheting by simply following the scarf’s color sequence, but soon decided to change a row or two in each repeat just to make things a little more interesting for myself.

Eventually I noticed how well my ripple colors coordinated with my plaid jammies! Isn’t that a fun gift idea!? – to crochet a blanket to match a pair of flannel pajamas, the goofier the print the better, like skiing cows or bunches of bananas, and I think I’d fold the pjs deep inside the blanket. Surprise! HEEhee.

I also think I’m very grateful that our hobby has no dress code!  – contented sigh.

Reaching row #47 I’d grown tired of ‘designing on the fly’ so I then repeated the blanket’s striping in reverse order, which resulted in a 93-row blanket, instead of my usual 84. The few extra inches in length made it difficult for petite me to photograph this ripple straight on, but DH willingly took my place up on the old wooden chair where his extra foot in height made it easy for him to capture this beauty’s full length!

12,778 stitches – 1,284,686 donated since Jan. 2011

It’s kinda fun to compare the finished blanket to the scarf that sparked its design.

P.S. We’ve battened down our hatches and we’re ready to ride out Hurricane Sandy. In case we lose power I prepared the next couple of blog posts and set them to automatically appear. Please comment like usual and I’ll respond as soon as I can. Sandy’s gusting to 35 mph now and the forecast says we may see 65!! Stay safe everyone.

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4 Responses to 2012 Ripple #47 – Inspired by a Scarf

  1. mrsrooster says:

    You knocked it out of the park with this one!! I just love it.

    Praying for you and everyone in Sandy’s path. We are usually prepared from June 1st until Dec 1st here. That is what I don’t like most about living in a mandatory evac zone on the Texas Coast. LOL

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Bettina says:

    What a pretty combination of colours!! Good luck with Sandy!!!!!

  3. I love the combos on this one!

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