2012 #48 – Parrots in the Jungle – A Lap Robe

Why a Lap Robe instead of my usual child’s blanket? Because I haven’t had much experience crocheting ripples out of sport-weight yarns! lol.

I don’t intentionally buy sport yarn, but sometimes it’s included in a box of mostly worsted weight yarns, or it’s given to me. In either case, it’s not often that I have enough sport yarns in coordinating colors to make a ripple: three partial skeins of blue, a partial of Caron Wintuk ‘Holiday Green’ and two full skeins of Red Heart Super Sport ‘Paddy Green’ plus one variegated – Patons Look at Me! in the ‘Good Sports’ color way. Sadly, this happy yarn was discontinued in 2004.

I had referred to my blog notes on last October’s sport ripple, Icy Blue Mint. It weighed seventeen ounces and was 34″ wide. Although I would have liked to have made Parrots wider than that, with a total of eighteen ounces of yarn, I figured only had one ounce to spare, so I made 154 stitches in my beginning chain just like I had for Icy Blue. I used a G hook too, just like last time.

So explain to me how this lap robe came out a more generous 36″ wide? HAHa.

Of course, more width meant less length, but I made Parrots just as long as I possibly could! I weighed and re-weighed my yarns designing new sections of stripes as I went, getting every possible row out of the yarn! I ran out at forty-four inches in length.

I’m not terribly disappointed; I think a 36″ x 44″ lap robe will be welcomed as a prize for a local nursing home’s monthly Bingo night. And I used up a pound and a half of sport yarn! That’s certainly a win-win! Bingo!!

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8 Responses to 2012 #48 – Parrots in the Jungle – A Lap Robe

  1. Allyson Gilcrease says:


  2. Great colors! It could be that the yarn weights were slightly different – sometimes a certain brand is heavier or thinner than another?

    • Thank you! I especially like the way the variegated stripes POP!
      Yes, that was probably the cause, slightly different weights of yarn. I hadn’t thought to save samples of the sport yarns I used on the first one so I could compare later. Ah well, no harm done.

  3. daniellajoe says:

    👍💥🌟continue your bombing😃

  4. Beth says:

    “Parrot” is well named!

  5. Definitely a prize! Gosh, I like these colors!!!!

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