#49 – Ta-Dah! – an Express V-Stitch Ripple

In the United States, today is Veterans Day. In honor of all the veterans of our armed forces, I’m calling my first v-stitch afghan, ‘V is for Victory!’

As I expected, I loooove this blanket! The v-stitches give it more visual texture than my other ripple patterns.

And using two slightly different shades of royal and red only adds more interest.

I love this blanket so much, I wanted to show it off with some casually-draped-over-a-chair shots.

The wind, however, had a different idea,

but even that turned out looking pretty good! Ha-ha wind, don’t bother messing around with V!!

Just so you’ll know in advance, the V-Stitch Ripple’s first row

looks a little different, more open, than the blanket’s final row. This is much easier to see in person than in photos.

I don’t mind, but Mara did include an additional Border Row in the Express V-Stitch pattern, which is an option if you want to make the two ends match more closely.

Today Mara mentioned that V can be for Vintage too! Which made me wonder how old is this pattern? So dear readers, just for fun, please tell us in what year (aprox.) do you first remember seeing either a v-stitch ripple blanket or a v-stitch ripple pattern.

P.S. ‘V is for Victory’ weighs twenty-eight ounces. That’s 7 ounces each if using four colors (7 x 4 = 28), which will be Perfect for good ole RHSS cuz it comes in 7 ounce skeins. I made it 77 rows long; that’s 19 four-row color repeats, plus one more row of royal so the blanket begins and ends with royal. It measures about 36″ by 56″.

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15 Responses to #49 – Ta-Dah! – an Express V-Stitch Ripple

  1. Mara says:

    It’s sooooo pretty!! I love it! It’s V for vintage too 🙂
    How much yarn did it end up using?

    • Thank You!! I love it too!!

      V is for vintage – I wonder how far back people remember this pattern.
      I think I’ll add something at the end of the post and see what my readers have to say!

      Oh! I completely forgot to say how much yarn it took!! Oops.
      I’ll go check my notes, and weigh the blanket if I didn’t already.
      Back in a bit.

    • O.K. – I did record the blanket’s weight in my notes, but then I completely forgot to write about it! Thanks so much for reminding me.

      It weighs twenty-eight ounces, so that’s 7 ounces each of the four colors, Perfect for good ole RHSS cuz it comes in 7 ounce skeins.

      V is for Victory is 77 rows long; that’s 19 four-row color repeats plus one more row of royal so the blanket begins and ends with royal.

      I’ll add this info. to both v-stitch posts later – must go take some blog pics now while the light is good!

  2. jacekica says:

    Can not believe you already finished it, it is wonderful! This two shades of each color is so nice, not very obvious, but blanket looks very very nice, like special looks, eye catching and wonderful, lifting your spirit when you look at it.

    • AH, ha, hA! But I actually started this blanket in October. Please remember, there’s usually at least a few days lag between real time and alottastitches time, so I can fiddle with photos and do the writing. This time I hurried up that process at the end so I could show you the finished blanket on Veterans Day!

      This is an easy pattern though and I was able to pick up my crochet speed a notch once I got into it.

      My only problem was that I’ve done the same ripple pattern for so many times that now my brain has difficulty switching over to a different one! Grrrr. It was quite a ways into the blanket before I could watch a dvd or talk while working on it without making some dumb mistake, – I know that I can count to three! – which I then wouldn’t catch until I came upon it a full row later! sigh. . . rrrriiip!

      I’m certain my second Express V-stitch will go smoother and even faster for me. Yay, Ripples!

  3. mrsrooster says:

    Gorgeous!! I just love it. Great for Vet’s Day!!!

    Keep up the wonderful work.

  4. Verneta says:

    Great job, Linda and Mara! God bless our Veterans!

  5. Wow, this is great! I love the photo styling, too.

  6. Serafina C. says:

    That’s a beautiful blanket! Which yarn did you use?
    Worsted? What brand? Thanks 🙂

    • Thank You.
      I made it a looong time ago, so I can’t be sure, but by looking at the yarn-filled basket in this earlier post, my guess is that I used all Red Heart Super Saver, which is considered an aran weight. In order of dark to light the colors appear to be: ‘Royal Blue’, ‘Blue’, ‘Light Blue’, ‘Cherry Red, ‘Hot Red’ and ‘White’. The ‘Royal Blue’ isn’t absolutely necessary, I only used it because I didn’t have enough of the ‘Blue’! lol.

      Happy Crocheting!

      • Serafina C. says:

        That’s what I figured but had to be sure. Thank you very much. I’ll have to use some other worsted. Whenever I work with Red Heart I get contact dermatitis. Some chemical in the yarn just makes my hands get all itchy and break out.

      • So Sorry to hear that. Other crocheters have mentioned having the same problem with RHSS. 😛
        All I notice is that some colors are much stiffer than others and once in awhile I get a skein that squeaks!

        Well, at least now you have a clearer idea of the colors I used. Hope you have an easy time of finding similar ones in a more skin-friendly yarn.

  7. Trish says:

    Gorgeous! I will have to make this ASAP! I adore yours!

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