It’s a Girl!

The news that one of DH’s co-workers just had a baby girl sent me deep into my sock yarn stash. I vaguely remembered this Sockotta cotton/wool blend that I bought, mmmmm, five years ago?, when a local yarn store closed. #364 is an interesting peach, cherry and cream color-combo, perfect for a baby girl’s hat!

I decided to combine two hat patterns, the 2×2 ribbing and body from Roxanne Wood’s quick, simple Bright Colors Baby Hat with the pixie top and i-cord knot of Laurie Lee’s Lyric, which has 83 examples in Ravelry. This was my first time to knit i-cord! Here’s a helpful photo tutorial by Amanda Berry.

I think my hybrid hat came out Very Cute!! The wide stripes the yarn created certainly surprised me, but I still love the yarn’s colors, which once knitted became speckled light pink and orange.

The hat took so little time and yarn, I’m going to knit some matching baby legwarmers. Remember the ones I just showed you at the New England Fiber Fest?

I certainly can knit two little striped tubes! I’ll do them in 2×2 rib to match the ribbing on the hat. Off I go to do a pattern search in Ravelry – I need to find out how big around and how long to knit tiny baby legwarmers!

P.S. If you enjoy knitting quick little projects you should read Marie Segare’s review of the book, “30 Min – Knits: What Can You Knit in Half an Hour or Less?” by Carol Meldrum. After, you can take a chance at winning Marie’s copy by simply leaving her a comment about your own quick knit experience. Good Luck!

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4 Responses to It’s a Girl!

  1. Thanks for sharing a link to my giveaway and review! I am crocheting a pair of baby legwarmers now. They are such cute projects!

    I love your hat. It is super cute and will make a great gift!

    • You’re Very Welcome, Marie! You write great book reviews. 🙂

      Crocheted legwarmers would definitely have been faster for me than these knitted rib ones! Knit two, purl two. . . on into the night. HAha. But, yeah, oh sooooo cute – I’m going to put a tiny ruffle at the bottom edge!

      Thank you. Hope baby Emily loves it too.

  2. Allyson Gilcrease says:

    That is soooo precious!! That sweet baby girl will look some kind of sporty in that! I am learning how to knit right now. Not sure if I like it. But I’m determined to master it!

    • Good for you! I taught myself to knit about five years ago. I figured if eight-year-old little girls used to knit their own socks, then I could certainly learn how to do it too!

      Like you I was very determined and about wore out my first ball of yarn in the process! HAha. I didn’t want to make an ugly ‘First Knitting Project” so my ‘technique’ was to just keep knitting and ripping out a Giant Swatch until I could knit for several rows, purl, and then knit and purl (rib) without making a mistake. I sighed. . . a Lot! but I soon learned how to knit and how to fix simple mistakes!

      I’d love to hear more about your learning process. What have you mastered so far?

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