2102 #52 – An Old-Fashioned Christmas

Used up twenty-eight ounces of yarn scraps, including six slightly different reds, two whites and a small amount of an unknown dark green. It’s always fun trying to match ‘whites’, isn’t it? A close-up doesn’t lie; I did a Great job of matching the slightly yellowed white in this variegated yarn. Whoo-hoo.

Just a reminder, this is the pretty variegated that my sister shared with me, WonderArt’s Christmas Knitting Yarn. . . colorway – “Christmas”!

It wasn’t until I was photographing my blanket that I realized I stopped one row short on the last red stripe, over on the left end!

I already put away all the leftover yarn, but these are the red yarn balls that were at the top of my scrap box.

Hmmm, which matches better, number one or number two, one.. . . or two? I’m going with number one. No, two. HAha.

With the additional row, ‘Old-Fashioned’ will have 89 rows/59 inches long. And with just 15 repeats/points, this, my second Eyelet Ripple, is 38 inches wide. I know, that makes no sense. . . I was expecting it to be about 35 inches wide. Apparently my tension loosened up a little, like it usually does the second time I use a pattern, but I think I’ll stick with a beginning chain of 135 again for the next one.

89 rows ÷ 28 ounces = just over 3 rows per ounce

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4 Responses to 2102 #52 – An Old-Fashioned Christmas

  1. Verneta says:

    So jolly beautiful! I must learn the art of color! Great job, Linda.
    P.S. For some reason I’m not able to pull the link up to “The Sudden Downpour of Yarn.” Sounds like fun! Thank yo.

    • Oh, I like the word ‘Jolly’! – Must use it in the name of one of this year’s Christmas ripples. . . Jolly Jingle, perhaps?

      re: color – You can do the same thing as I did. Start with a variegated yarn and then add some solids that ‘match’ the colors in it. I say ‘match’ cuz it’s surprising how far off they can be and still create a pretty blanket.

      Sorry about that – I accidentally let the “Sudden Downpour” post go out prematurely and then grabbed it back. It’ll be ready, for sure, on Friday morning. 🙂

  2. Wawanna says:

    WOW, is this ever awesome, the colors look super together, you did an outstanding job! I haven’t seen a ghan in Christmas colors I liked better than this. You really have some ripple mojo here, congratulations!!! Actually all of them are wonderful.

  3. I love this one! I agree, the colors are much more fun than most Christmas blankets I’ve seen.

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