A Sudden Downpour. . . of Yarn

I’ve been so busy working on and writing about all these new ripple patterns that I’m way behind on telling you about my thrift store finds! Around Veterans Day, Savers held a 50% off sale for their card-holding members. DH wanted to go, so we headed over as soon as he got home from work. I’m glad he found a shirt he wanted, but my find is what really made our trip worthwhile!

I seldom see much yarn at Savers on a Tuesday, when they offer the 20% senior discount, so I never expected to find a large amount during a half-off sale!! WHooo-hoo!

After heavy deliberation, I narrowed my yarn picks down to Nine Bags! Yes, I left at least twice this much yarn behind and I had no camera to share the sight with you! So many of the bags had the same color price tag, purple, it made me wonder if it may all have come from one person’s stash!?

1 3/4 pounds of light-colored acrylics,

1 1/4 pounds of brights, most destined for Christmas ripples,

2 pounds of black,

and 6 ounces of red wool – possibly for non-blanket charity projects?

That’s a total of about 5 1/2 pounds of yarn. . . for $12.00!! Yeee-ha!!

Plus two stick shuttles for weaving, $1.50.

The shorter 10″ one is from LeClerc and retails for $5.75 at Webs.

Three packs of elastic, $1.00, for a sewing project I’m planning. I noticed the same green labeled pack at JoAnns for $2.99.

A dozen plastic bags to reuse, free.

And if I had a need for hang tags, I’d probably cut off the price sections and reuse the upper parts of these too! lol.

I also got a great bargain price on a set of #5 dpns (knitting needles) by using a JoAnns 60% off coupon at ACMoore, just down the hill from Savers. Yay!

A few days later, before I’d even gotten that Savers haul photographed, I found more yarn, at Sal’s. And it all had blue tags, which happened to be the half-off color of the day, so I got this entire pound for $2.50.

And then, all this pretty pink yarn was bagged and waiting for me at the library when I dropped off blankets on my way home!!

Crocheted blankets go out and yarn comes in. It’s a marvelous thing!

I had figured that October’s big yarn haul alone (not considering my long-established acrylic charity stash boxes up in the attic) would last me through Christmas. But then in November I only got three new pounds of charity blanket yarns, while I used over six! So I’m happy for this newest yarn haul of over seven pounds, which sets me up til the end of January.

Keeping my charity stash down to a couple months’ worth of newly acquired yarn sounds good to me. In means there’s enough flowing in to keep the stash from becoming stagnant, but not so much that it grows beyond its present number of boxes because, sadly, I haven’t figured out how to make our attic expand. lol.

If I should suddenly find myself with enough new charity yarns for six months of blanket crocheting, I hope I’ll know it’s time to put my yarn blinders on!. . . Linda, go to the grocery store, directly to the grocery store and only to the grocery store!. . . LALALaLalalala. Yarn Sale? No, I didn’t see an ad for a yarn sale. . . . And I know nothing about buying huge afghans at the thrift to unravel for the yarn either! lol.

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8 Responses to A Sudden Downpour. . . of Yarn

  1. Verneta says:

    You should try to find new crochet hooks. As fast as you crochet all this yarn up, your hook must be wearing thin! Ha! You have courage. I don’t think … know.. I couldn’t have left the rest of it behind. No matter how much I have.

    • I’ve managed to wear the color off the tips of some dpns I use for knitting socks, but, so far, my crochet hooks look fine. Probably because I have so many of size H hooks, the size I most often use. Same as with my small scissors, I like having plenty of spares!

      Really? You set NO limits whatsoever on your stash accumulation??!? Maybe you don’t need to because you don’t find yarn at thrift stores and tag sales as often as I do?

      I’m sure you’d eliminate all the yarns that aren’t really bargains. – Thrift store pricing is erratic.
      And you wouldn’t buy yarns that you don’t even like. It’s easy for me to leave any yarn that I think is Ugly or peculiar. lol. As well as all bulky or fine-weight acrylics.
      This is the point when serious deliberation begins for me. It’s most often over natural fibers because that part of my stash is so Large and I don’t use it up as quickly as the acrylic. It’s hard, but like free puppies or kittens, I just can’t bring them all home with me! lol.

  2. Eboo says:

    Your post inspired me to show off my most recent yarn haul from a local thrift shop. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, and finally decided to say hello. Pop on over to my blog and see what I found. http://eboolifejourney.blogspot.ca/2012/12/my-thrift-store-deals.html

    • What fun to read about and see your latest yarn haul!! And your ‘new’ winter coat sounds perfect. Wool/cashmere. . . Mmmmm! Don’t you feel spectacular when you not only find exactly what you want/need but save so much $$ at the same time??!! 😀

      I’d never heard of the Talize stores before. We’ll have to remember that name the next time we’re in Canada. My DH visited a few Value Village stores while in Ottawa for business this summer. He got a couple souvenirs, including just a little yarn for me. It was the first time he bought yarn on his own. 🙂

  3. myissag says:

    What a great find!! And such a deal 🙂

  4. What a great deal! Hooray for more yarn for your good work. Here, RHSS costs 380 pesos… that’s roughly $8! Merry Christmas to you & your family! – Karen

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