It’s a Girl! – Hybrid Baby Legwarmers

I wanted to knit 2×2 ribbed legwarmers, like Emily Jane’s Super Simple Little Legwarmers (0-6 mo.), so they’d ‘match’ the ribbed edging on the baby hat I made for baby Emily. But, since I want these legwarmers, following the example of the ones I saw at last month’s fiber fest, to fit far into Emily’s toddlerhood, I also considered Chris Ortlepp’s larger Shaped Baby Leggings pattern (5-10 mo.).

After checking the gauge of my swatch, – yes, I knitted a swatch, in-the-round! – I cast-on 52 stitches with a 30″ long-tail, and then, using #2 dpns, I knit in 2×2 rib for 9″. Next, since I’d fallen in love with the feminine ruffle on Susan Mullikin’s Littlelegs, I increased by kfb for one round, knit one round, did k1 kfb one round – and finally, I bound off using Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind-off.

Wow, a pair of baby legwarmers takes alot longer to knit than a baby hat, but imagining how cute they will look on baby Emily kept me to my task!

Here they are modeled by paper towel tubes, as I tried to get some idea of how they’d look on! LOL

O.K., so, they’ll probably be more like bell-bottoms than legwarmers on little Emily.  Hopefully the folded-down cuff will be enough to hold them up!

But babies do grow, so they’ll fit her eventually – even if it’s not until she can wear them as arm warmers! lol.

2×2 rib is incredibly stretchy!

Quick, get this off before my hand goes numb. HAha.

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