What to Make For a Superhero

Last week DH told me that he and his co-workers have adopted a family with five children for Christmas. Looking over their wish lists, I learned that the youngest son, Dylan,  loooves super heroes, Spiderman and Batman in particular. This was exciting information because I remembered having seen a Spiderman afghan in Ravelry! A quick pattern search brought up free patterns for both knitted and crocheted versions. Since I must complete Dylan’s blanket before December 17th, I’ll definitely be crocheting.

The Superhero Dreamcatcher Afghan, designed by Gail E. and Wendy G. Gamble-Hogsten, is a crocheted round ripple with a fun spiderweb design added. It takes 2 skeins each of RHSS Cherry Red and Blue, plus 1 skein of Black. I have the necessary skein of Black, but only a partial skein of Blue, and the Cherry Red I had all went into Christmas ripples,

371 Blue:Black

so I clipped 40 and 50% craft store coupons from last Sunday’s paper and added JoAnns to Friday’s errand list.

Well, she (JoAnn) had no Blue, so I went with the slightly darker Royal instead.

371 Blue:Royal

But she had plenty of Cherry Red yarn and I found a large remnant, .883 yard, of black anti-pill fleece too! I want to make Dylan a Batman cape.

371 ryl-chy-fleece

Since all fleece fabrics were on sale for half-off, and remnants are discounted another 50%, my piece of fleece was only $2.08, instead of $8.32. . . what a thrifty superhero!

I need to make this Spiderman blanket very quickly, so I’ll have enough time left to make the cape before the 17th!

Maybe by the time I’m ready to start sewing the cape I’ll have found where I put my package of Velcro. I need some for the neckband. Oh, I also need some bright yellow felt or fleece for the Batman emblem! The only yellow remnant I saw at JoAnns was pastel, but maybe I have something the right shade of yellow up in the attic. There are all kinds of good things up there somewhere. . . like my Velcro. lol.

BTW – Do any of you have a seven year-old handy? I need to know the distance around a seven year-old boy’s neck for when I make the Batman cape. Thanks for your help!

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5 Responses to What to Make For a Superhero

  1. AnnB says:

    My Superhero Spiderman afghan for #1 grandson (the age 9) was with RHSS in the darker blue you chose, the Cherry Red and Black. I’m going to bring it back home one of these days and add the webbing and spider. Now he didn’t like the original and passed it on to his little brothers, but perhaps he would like a black and white one.
    Or I’ll just ask what he would like, now age 10, for a positive reception.

  2. AnnB says:

    Yep, he wants the spider.

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