2012 Ripple of the Week #53

Oh, it’s “A Holly Jolly Christmas!”,

372 on bench

the second in this year’s Christmas series, another Eyelet Ripple.

372 flat

My yarn choices this time were:                                                                                                        two reds – Red Heart Super Saver Cherry Red and Lion Brand FUN Red, two Kelly Greens – one from Zayre and one from Jack Frost, an unknown white yarn, and the same variegated as in #52, WonderArt’s “Christmas”.

372 close-up

Over the weekend I finished the last of this year’s four Christmas ripples. I was so happy! I could deliver them to the charity’s drop-box on Monday, two whole days early! YAY!

But then I got an email saying the next blanket pick-up isn’t until the 17th!! For a second I felt disappointed, thinking about how hard I’d pushed to finish ‘on time’, but suddenly I realized it’s all good cuz I get to spend this spare time with Spiderman. lol

Hey! – No peeking! I’ll show you my other two Christmas beauties over the next two Mondays.

372 bag of four finished ripples


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7 Responses to 2012 Ripple of the Week #53

  1. jacekica says:

    This is my favourite, I just adore these colours, and you combine all so wonderfully.
    And for Spiderman and that family your husband’s co-workers adopt for Christmas, it is SO nice.

  2. JudyR says:

    Perfect!! I can almost hear bells!!

  3. Verneta says:

    Congrats to your husband and his coworkers. What a beautiful example of the Spirit of Christmas! This family has no idea that people are preparing a wonderful Christmas for them! How excited they will be! 😀

    • The community-wide program’s called Adopt-A-Family and mom filled out the forms, (she only asked for gas cards for herself) so she knows something’s coming, but I hope it’s all going to be a Big surprise for the children!!

      Gas cards alone will not do as a Christmas gift! I fixed her a little basket of personal care products: lotion, shampoo, bath gel, lip balm, etc. 🙂

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