Emily and I heard a hard Thud! at the front of the house the other day and we wondered, what in the world it could be? Surely the box of yarn I’ve been expecting couldn’t make that much noise, could it?

Oh, Yes, it could, cuz it’s a BIG Box of Yarn!

374 box

A fellow Ravelry member, Sandi in Maryland, recently wrote to say she had mailed a box of yarn for me to turn into charity ripples. I’ve been anxiously waiting for it to arrive.

I didn’t expect there’d be this much. What a Wonderful Surprise!!

374 yarn pile

It’s like Christmas came a little early.

Thank you so much for this beautiful rainbow of yarn, Santa Sandi. What fun I’m going to have playing with all these colors!

374 yarn rainbow

There’s over seven pounds of yarn –  enough to crochet four-and-a-half blankets for foster children! YAY!!

A few days earlier our postman brought me a far smaller package. You know what they say, “Good things come in small packages!”, such as three books bursting with new ripple afghan patterns!

374 3 books of ripple patterns

My lovely prizes from the Ripple-Mania CAL giveaway came with the cutest pair of puppies! Happy Holidays to you, Marie, and thank you.

I only flipped through each book before I quickly slid them all back in their envelope. . . out of sight, out of mind. I’ve gotta stay focused. . . Spiderman, Spiderman, Spiderman!

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6 Responses to Surprizes

  1. jacekica says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s hard to stay focused on Spiderman. What a wonderful gift indeed, Santa Sandy. And books with those adorable beagles, I just adore dogs……
    It is nice to get a package but you so deserve it, you do so wonderful things for others.

  2. Verneta says:

    Oh my, more yarn … what a Huge BlEsSiNg! Another HaPpY dAnCe for YOU!
    Excited to see the Spiderman blanket!

  3. Lucky you! what a GREAT surprise! I was gifted this week with charity yarn, too, & I was so thrilled to see it’s red, white, & blue as my goal for next year is to make patriotic blankets for the vets. I was planning on photographing it today – if it ever stops raining!

    • I like your idea of a vet blanket project!! Burgundy, navy and cream would look good too. Hmmm, I wonder if there’s a variegated yarn like that?

      They’re talking about wind gusts to 40 mph here today, so even if it does stop raining (It’s REALLY coming down right now!!) I won’t be trying to photograph yarn. Maybe tomorrow. . . when the gusts will only be 25 mpg? That still makes me imagine yarn rolling down our driveway with me running after it! lol.

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