Still Raining – Yarn!

Last week, after I got the Royal blue yarn and Velcro at JoAnns, I went home by way of Savers. It was Tuesday, Senior Discount Day! (20% off)

I got six skeins of Red Heart Super Saver yarn for $1.60 each or about 40% off regular retail:

380 six skeins

a brilliant orange (discontinued?), Hunter Green, Paddy Green, Black, Country Blue and Lt. Periwinkle.

I missed out on using six 50% off coupons at JoAnns last week. They were only good on Friday and Saturday and I’d already done all my running around on Tuesday; I didn’t want to make another trip just for yarn.

But this Monday I added JoAnns to my already long list of stops because I had eight 50% off coupons from Sunday’s paper, six of JoAnns and one each of Michaels and ACMoore!

As you can imagine, with all those coupons recently available, JoAnn’s RHSS inventory was limited, but I got most of the colors I needed/wanted:

380 eight skeins

two Cherry Red, – Valentine’s Day is coming! – two Burgundy, and one each of Turqua, Gold, Frosty Green and Lt. Blue. Wish there had been some Magenta. sigh.

O.K., time to take stock.

After the Sudden Downpour I figured I had enough yarn to last through January’s ripples. Then the Surprize box of yarn arrived with 4 1/2 more ripples’ worth. I used the Cherry Red that Sandi sent in the Spidey blanket, but let’s still say I’m set for February.

This newest haul. . .

380 tub o' yarn

will make four more ripples, which take care of March. . .  March!

Ahem. . .

I remember saying a couple of months’ worth of new charity stash was the limit, yet here I sit, over the line. Let’s hope this Sunday’s paper doesn’t hold another big batch of 50% off coupons. I think I could resist the power of 40% coupons, but not fifties!! lol.

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11 Responses to Still Raining – Yarn!

  1. Allyson Gilcrease says:

    Beautiful haul my friend!!! I’m like you with the coupons, 40% hmmmm could pass, but those 50% just scream at me!!!! But I’ve been really good at resisting them lately. T-R-Y-I-N-G to work through my stash (and doing pretty good, I might add!!!). Some of the items I’m making are questionable color combinations, but they are made with love!

    Can’t wait to see what beauties you make with your haul! Merry Christmas!!!!

    • Congratulations on working through your stash – that’s a Very Good thing, as is resisting coupons!! I must work harder at both. Right now my freezer is stuffed with packages of Nestle’s Ultimates cookie dough because they were only $1.00 with a great sale and doubled coupons. We like making them with oatmeal mixed into the dough!

      I have a ripple that I finished but haven’t shown yet because of its “questionable color combination” :S – maybe in January.

      And a Very Merry Christmas to you too!! jingle – jingle.

  2. Oh, what a tough dilemma you have, you poor poor thing! yarn for THREE months worth of crocheting! LOL

  3. Verneta says:

    This too shall be gone soon as you crochet so fast. I agree … you can never have too much charity yarn. 😀

  4. another Sharon (sharonb42 says:

    I used to use the RHSS yarn all the time but my hands have gotten worse and now it hurts, so I’ve switched to Caron’s One Pound whenever I can. I’m anxiously awaiting all the things that you’re going to do with all that yarn!!!

    • So sorry that your hands are getting worse. :S

      So far I can use whatever acrylic yarns come my way without any problem. Let’s hope my hands hold up, cuz I’d like to keep crocheting charity blankets for a long time to come!

      When I buy ‘new’ it’s usually RHSS, just because it’s so inexpensive compared to any of the others. I agree with you about Caron’s One Pound though, it glides more easily on the hook! Caron Simply Soft does too, but it’s So slippery, it’s much harder to deal with the ends!

  5. daniellajoe says:

    I love coupons too !!!

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