2012 / 2013

It’s the beginning of a brand new year, the perfect time to both reflect on the past year and plan for the year ahead.

During 2012 I crocheted 57 ripples for charity. With an average weight of 1 1/2 pounds, that means I turned 84 Pounds of Yarn into ripples last year!! All but one of them, the round Spidey ripple, went to a local charity group. From there a few traveled to a nearby nursing home where they became Bingo prizes, and the rest were passed on to social workers for children who are entering foster care.

I’m going to continue crocheting ripples for foster kids and intend, for the third year, to give away at least one of them a week.

All 62 of the ripples that I made in 2011 followed my single strand version of the Rustic Ripple pattern, so it was a Big Deal that I tried three new ripple patterns in 2012: (photos are of the first ripple I made from each pattern)

The Jacob’s Ladder Ripple,

362 Jacob - draped over park bench

the Ripple-Mania Eyelet Ripple,

366 - Iris - on rock

and the Superhero Dreamcatcher Afghan.

377 flat

I also wrote my first ripple pattern, The Wriggly Ripple,

274B Sweet Cherry Sundae - flat

and helped Mara Thomas write another, The Express V-Stitch Ripple!!

359 - draped over chair

I’m definitely going to make more round ripples this year, using the easy Superhero blanket pattern. It would be fun to try some other new ripple patterns – there are so many wonderful-looking ripples to pick from! – but I don’t think I’ll tackle doing three new ones all in the same month like I did in November! Whose dumb idea was that?! lol.

I made a few non-ripple blankets last year too. I finished. . .

Christmas in Grannies,


the Flower in a Star Hexagon,

307 Star Flower Baby Blanket

and the Thrifty Granny,

382 A-flat

and I started two others,

the Mushroom Granny,

349-labeling squares

and the Mini-Scrap Granny,

337 started - close-up

even though I haven’t yet finished the Flower Garden Granny. . .

183 Flower Garden Granny - close-up

  which I started in 2011. wince.

I must show more discipline and finish those three before I start work on my new Crayon Granny idea. . .

right?! lol.

My other charity projects of 2012 were recycling pounds and pounds of used crayons into fun new crayon shapes for the foster kids and marathon knitting 16 wooly neckwarmers for the Warm Hands Network in Canada, a project that taught me alot about steam blocking! And let’s not forget what fun I just had making the two fleece superhero capes for Christmas gifts!!

I’ll soon begin making new Easter egg and bunny-shaped crayons. If DH visits Canada on business again this year, I’ll definitely knit more woolies to send with him, but, in the meantime, I continue looking for a local charity that wants handmade woolen items.

New charity projects for 2013:

Crochet edgings on a bunch of these fleece remnants,

374 - fleece in several boxes/bags

turning them into cheery blankets for foster kids.

Make fun stuffed ‘critters’ from fleece scraps, also for the foster kids.

Crochet a shawl for a Haiti mission’s charity auction.

2012’s personal projects were very few:

For DH, knitted charcoal ribbed fingerless mitts and a mocha cowl and fingerless mitt set.

For a friend’s baby, a knitted hybrid baby hat and legwarmers.

And for myself, a pair of simple charcoal fingerless mitts, which, although started back in February, are, sadly, still waiting to be finished.

What a pathetically short list. sigh.

It’s not like I have a hard time coming up with ideas!

This is my craft queue. Each mini post-it represents a project. Those on the right half are personal projects.

384 post-it-queue

Here are just a few of the things I’m thinking about doing in 2013:

weave, sew some patchwork quilts for the kids, crochet a floral motif throw of fine wool yarns, add-on to the rust blankie I knitted for DH a few years ago, knit my very first sweater or top, hook a rug, try punch embroidery, knit or weave a rug out of tee-shirt strips.

Phew! Just reading the list makes me tired. lol.

Well, whatever I end up making – you’ll see it here at alottastitches!

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8 Responses to 2012 / 2013

  1. Jeepers, you’ve tired me out. What a list!!! When do you sleep?

    • LOL – yes, unfortunately I do need to take time out to sleep. But my mind seems to keep doing creative things even then – I sometimes wake up in the morning with wonderful ideas and solutions to design puzzles!

  2. mrsrooster says:

    Looks like you had a most fruitful year! I think that you are so wonderful for all the charity that you do. I need to find a good niche for myself. I do baby blankets and pray shawls for whom ever needs or wants them. Lots of them go to families of men that my Rooster works for. I have two baby blankets going right now.

    I was so glad to have met you this past year and hope to be friends for many years to come.

    Love ya,
    Amy Mrs.Rooster

    • I think 2013 is going to be a little more about DH and me. That probably means my scrapball yarn bins will overflow, but that’s O.K. Maybe that will be 2014’s Big Project!

      Yes, it’s hard to find just the right charity niche, especially if you want a local one. Although what your doing now seems to be working fine, you might want to consider Project Linus for some of your blankets? They have many, many chapters. Maybe there’s one near you?!

      I’m glad we found each other too, Amy. Yeah for Ravelry. I don’t know how long I’ll keep blogging, but I think I’ll always be a Ravelry member.

      Happy New Year!! and Hello to Mr. Rooster and Bri.

  3. Wow! First off, you are just about the most prolific crocheter I know, so if YOU have more ideas than time, imagine how the rest of us slowpokes feel!

    • Oh, I know, we all have more ideas than time and I don’t think that’s ever going to change unless we can figure out a way to Stop Thinking!! LOL

      It’s just that I’d like to balance all the charity ripples I make with a few more personal projects. The situation now is somewhat like the proverbial shoemaker needing new shoes for himself, rather than his kids. . . but for me, as ripplemaker, it’s new fingerless mitts, among other things, that I need/want for myself and DH, not a ripple afghan. . . or shoes, although new shoes are always nice! 🙂

  4. Barb says:

    I love the post-it idea! That’s a great way to keep from forgetting projects…. I have so many half-finished projects and keep forgetting what I’m doing. I think I’m going to “steal” your idea – maybe I’ll have a more productive 2013. Thanks for a great blog!

    • “Steal” away!! lol.

      I recently tacked the open post-it filled folder on my craft room bulletin board in hopes that, like you, I’ll play closer attention to my plans this year. I produced alot in 2012, but some how I still didn’t think to finish that single little pair of fingerless mitts for myself!

      You’re welcome, Barb! I’m so glad you enjoy visiting alottastitches. I hope to hear more from you!! 🙂

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