99 Cent Sale

It’s been years since there’s been a 99¢ sale at our local Salvation Army thrift store, but we recently happened to visit a Sal’s a couple of towns away when they were having one. Anything with a blue tag would be marked down to 99¢. Whooo-whee! – even better than a half-off sale!!

This hand-knit blanket with a crocheted edging had a blue tag, so instead of $3.99 . . . . . . it was only 99 cents!

385 - 99 cent blanket - folded

It’s 35″ x 56″, about the same size as the little ripples I crochet, and just right for a young foster child.

385 - 99 cent blanket openedflat

Sadly, that was the only thing we wanted that came with a blue tag, but DH got a beautiful pale grey v-neck cashmere sweater and a burgundy long-sleeved shirt, both like new and only $3.99 each, so we were happy thrifty shoppers anyway.

I was deciding whether to buy a sweater dress to unravel when DH happened by. Presuming that I was going to wear the thing, he remarked, “You’ll be so Warm and Comfy!!” So I felt I had to at least try it on.

Well, I’ll never wear this in public – size Large and Loooong, this dress/robe?/nightgown?? is very unflattering on petite me – but DH was definitely right, I will be warm and comfy while wearing 75% lambswool/15% angora/10% nylon . . .

at home. lol.

385 grey lambswool dress

I expect Emily will be my constant companion. She especially appreciates that 15% angora content. . .

Mmmmmm, Bunny!!

385 Emily napping on knit dress

I may dye it. If I do, I must choose the color carefully, remembering that some day I may still want to unravel for the pound of fine luxurious yarn. I agree with kitty, Mmmmmm! and, at only $5.99 for a warm dress thing that I can recycle as yarn, Thrifty too!

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4 Responses to 99 Cent Sale

  1. Verneta says:

    I love the sleeve wrapped around the tree trunk. Just hanging out! LOL!

  2. I love that sweater dress, that is totally awesome! I have an ASJ that I knitted when I was 45 pounds heavier that’s gotten stretched out with wear/washings, that’s wool & mohair, I wear it as a bathrobe most of the winter. It’s huge on me now, but keeps me warm & that’s all I really care about!

    • Now you’ve got me thinking about machine stay-stitching and cutting up the middle front of my sweater dress so I can turn it into a robe! I’m not sure if it’s over-sized enough. Need extra fabric to be able to fold back the edges and cover with a facing. . . maybe ribbon?

      I went to your Ravelry project page to see your comfy ASJ (Adult Surprise Jacket)”robe”. You’ve knit FOUR ASJs!!??!! Whooo-hoo!!! lol. I haven’t even done a BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket) yet. But then you have been knitting for twice as long.

      I completely understand about much-loved sweaters/robes.
      When we were first married I had a favorite Cotton Chenille robe that I wore for a loooong time. Finally DH got me a new one, of the same color, for Christmas one year and we made a big ceremony of burning the old one in the fireplace of our apartment. He’s done his best to repeat as needed over the years, even although we didn’t have a fireplace for a burning ceremony. But the last time we couldn’t find a Cotton one!
      So now I have a terrycloth robe – cotton, but definitely not as cuddly as chenille. 😦

      Lambswool = Cuddly in a whole new way!

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